These Black West Point Cadets Might Need to Be Expelled

Time Person of the Year, Black Lives Matter
Time Person of the Year, Black Lives Matter

Our prestigious military academy at West Point has a contingent of black females who posed for a photo with their fists in the air while in uniform.

The group of 16 black female cadets are being investigated by West Point officials after the picture circulated.

According to the Army Times, there are claims the photo was done in direct support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We can confirm that the cadets in this photo are members of the U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 2016,” said West Point’s director of public affairs Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker in an emailed statement to the Army Times.

“Academy officials are conducting an inquiry into the matter.”

The inquiry is meant to determine whether or not the cadets violated the Department of Defense Directive 1344.10, Political Activities by Members of the Armed Forces, a policy that warns against “partisan political activity” while in uniform and also provides a list of political do’s and don’ts for those who are in the service.

This is to most people the Black Power or communist fist symbol. It’s also the symbol used by Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is an anti-white, anti-police hate group.

This is our next generation of military leaders? Is this what we need?

racist cadets

A fitness website called The Arena brought it to the public’s attention via Facebook and their website.



  1. Hopefully they’ll be able to explain this as a statement to the world that true “black power” can only result from African-Americans succeeding in the premier institutions and careers once restricted to Caucasian males, an honorable goal for anyone. As a “call to social justice” this could be devastating to them, until politicians get involved, then it would become devastating to the institution.

  2. They will be expelled. This happened a few years ago with some white men accused of being with a white suprimist group. If they are not put out then not only will they have to excuse the past people who hold beliefs but all so the future so they will open themselves up for the KKK to start sending there skin heads back in like they tried in the 1990s.

    You ban 1 you have to ban them all

  3. Well, considering that the Black Lives Matter group is a pro-law group that protests against corruption and dishonor, I can’t see how supporting it would violate their code of conduct unless that code of conduct is itself an illegal order.

    Military personnel don’t forfeit their rights as citizens because they put on a uniform — if they did, a sitting President could lawfully order them to vote for him for re-election.

    • You are wrong you do give up the right of Freedom of Speech. You can no endorse anything while in Uniform. You are in violation of the U.C.M.J. ( Uniform Code of Military Justice ) by doing so because in Uniform you represent the United States Military so you can represent nothing else.

    • blm group is a pro-law group, what are you smokuing. They are calling for the deaths of everyone who’s not black. That’s not law abiding in any sense of the phrase.

    • But they do forego their right to protest in the uniform of the USMA. This is a disgrace to all who have walked the Halls of West Point. Freedom of expression can occur but not while wearing the uniform or as a student in, not of the Academy. The should all be dismissed.

  4. Really?????!! I say not enough hours in the quad and not enough hours learning from the great generals of the past. Soldiers don’t do politics because it’s a conflict of interest – it’s the politicians you would be voting for that will send you to war. So in other words, cadets, #BLM but only if you not f[edit]ing wearing a uniform – because that [edit] you support in the White House is sending your[edit] combat in Iraq and Afghanistan – or don’t you read the news and see that a man better than you can ever be was killed two days ago – or does his life not matter? Because he was white? Because he was a man? Or maybe because you’re cadets and he was enlisted? Or maybe because you are still [edit] puking wanna be legs and he was a SEAL?

  5. I do not agree with expulsion but a letter of reprimand at least is called for.
    at most article 15 .
    I don’t know where the above gets the idea that the military do not have to give up some rights to serve.

  6. In a nation where freedom of speech is constitutionally protected, the United States military will not be able to harm these women in any way. If they are going to preserve democracy then not even the US military can attack them, especially with an incumbent American president waiting in the wings to swoop down on anyone who attempts to silence them. If raising a fist in a private photo in a democracy is a violation of a law, then we are not living in a democracy. Furthermore, none of these women are commissioned as officers yet, despite their being on contract. And if on record there was even one incident of a racist white superior officer or cadet in uniform racially insulting or harming any one of these women during their 4-years of training, they would be perfectly justified in raising a fist to solicit solidarity by all blacks historically attacked by white American racists. If US military academies want to denounce the raising of a black fist of civil rights, then they are going to have strictly enforce and implement punishment for all white and female white cadets who racially attack nonwhite cadets at US military academies. The US military and the Congress cannot condemn blacks, Asians, and Latinos for verbally or non-verbally expressing their distaste for white racism inside or outside of US military academies.

    Stop the racist whites and blacks, Asians, and Latinos will no longer have to go to such extremes…to get justice.

    The wisest move for the Commandant of the Academy to do is just let this go because it is not worth that commandant’s career, especially when the entire world is watching. If these young academically gifted black women are persecuted by the US military establishment, after the last few decades of the world watching racist white American corrupt cops break the law by gunning down unarmed African-Americans, no nation on earth will ever believe in the democracy of the United States of America.

    Moreover, any persecution of these women by the US Congress or the military is nothing short of “giving aid and comfort” to the growing enemies of America who believe in their hearts that white Americans are all racists and represent not only a clear ad present danger to democracy, but are a greater threat to democracy than the nonwhite global terrorists (who are merely striking back and retaliating against historical military attacks executed by racist white Americans (in pursuit of oil and world domination/hegemony) since the Vietnam War.

    • This is not a private photo,,this is a picture of a symbol of the United States,,while in the military there are no actual person rights while in uniform, while we live in a democracy, those in the military live under a different set of laws ,,your statement simply proves you do not know what you are talking about. They should be expeld, simply because they do not respect the uniform and what it represents. Leaders are expected to be unbiased of those they lead. I do not see any Honor in this picture. Therefore, if these cadets share your views and they freely spoke the oath, the only place in the United States military for them is Levenworth.

  7. You people need to get a copy of the U.C.M.J and read it maybe you will understand what rights they have and don’t have 20year Vet

  8. Should get same justice white supremacists got in 90’s. However because they are black it won’t happen. Obama won’t let it happen. If you expell black cadets you are racist, if white you are only going according to UCMJ regs. Unfair but watch as they will pull the race card!!!!!! It is BULLSHIT. Equal justice for all. Plus aren’t we all Americans, get rid of the hyphen crap. It doesn’t fit unless you were born there. So sick of all this shit!!!!!

  9. Even after four years at the Academy, they have demonstrated a level of ignorance, insensitivity and immaturity which renders them unfit to be commissioned as officers with the Class of 2016. An appropriate remedy would be for them to receive their diplomas while serving as enlisted personnel. After one year, they can then be considered for Officer Candidate School providing they meet the standards. Why should the Army have any need for a flock of Massengales?

  10. They’ll get a pass on this just like they did on their entrance qualifications. If they truly earned the right to attend they would respect the uniform and what it stands for. They be lowering standards as usual.

  11. This is a political statement and an anti-white statement. It will now always be in question whether any white enlisted would be safe or treated fairly under their command. They are officer candidates and after 4 years, should have known better. We were able to vigorously clean out the white racists 25 years ago, and, just as then, there should be zero tolerance for this. At least it is clear they are not fit to be officers and they should be expelled. I am curious to see how the current military brass responds to this clear violation and offense, both as a political statement and a racist statement in 2016. After their expulsion, perhaps they could serve as enlisted for the next four years to pay for their free college education, and if they serve honorably during that time, perhaps they could be allowed to apply for Officer Candidate School, if carefully vetted. This is too stupid and too offensive a misjudgment to ignore or to minimize. It is a shame to lose this many cadets in one shot, but it isn’t unprecedented and it would be unjust for the Army to do otherwise.

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