These GOP Senators Fought for the Death Estate Tax to Please Donors in All Likelihood


The Senate tax reform bill does not repeal the “death” estate tax conservatives and libertarians have long opposed, apparently because of at least three Republican senators. All three are among many who have received donations from insurance companies benefiting from the tax.

Mike Rounds

The House repealed it but Senators McCain, Collins and Rounds opposed repeal according to a source. They said they were open to keeping the death tax and they have received donations from insurance companies.

Collins and McCain were specifically responsible according to a source of The Daily Caller’s.

A senior Senate Republican aide named Collins and McCain specifically as the senators who seem to have tripped up repeal of the tax in the Senate. The source referred to them as “possible culprits,” and said their presence was definitely felt in the finance committee hearing to markup the bill, though neither are on the Senate Finance Committee.

A spokeswoman for McCain told The Daily Caller News Foundation he “was not involved in drafting or negotiating this provision.” Note how he didn’t say he wasn’t influencing it.

McCain has tremendous influence over at least 12 senators.

McCain has long opposed repealing the tax. Both McCain and Collins are really Democrats who do tremendous damage to the Republican Party.

The source also said there wasn’t a big fight over it. Sad!

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