These Six Words Should Stop the Syrian Refugee Program Dead In Its Tracks


Sen Grassley

A statement made and agreed to by Jim Comey during yesterday’s senate briefings hits more at the core of the Syrian refugee debate than any I’ve heard. These words, “ISIS controls much of the country” in reference to Syria should stop the Syrian refugee program dead in its tracks.

They control the government offices, the passport offices, the offices that print identification documents, and they can reproduce fraudulent documents that are indiscernible from the real ones.

It’s not just a lack of information about people coming from Syria, it’s information that passes through ISIS who control much of the country. They control Syrian government offices and facilities, Sen. Grassley said during yesterday’s hearing with FBI Director James Comey.

Comey confirmed that ISIS has the ability to create fraudulent passports and other identification documents for its operatives that would be almost impossible to detect.

Comey is the new Eliott Ness, though instead of standing up to the Mafia, he’s standing up to the crime syndicate in the White House.


If that isn’t enough, Rep. McCaul, the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, confirmed and re-confirmed that ISIS has already exploited our refugee program. We caught some but do we catch all of them?

Let’s not forget the UN stats which aren’t current as those numbers of men traveling with Syrian passports have risen.

Syrian refugees
Syrian refugees

More than 72% are men, only 13% are children. We now also know that women and children are being put through terror training camps so when Barack Obama talks about “widows and orphans”, he is willfully lying to the American people.

UN stats



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