They Won’t Silence Us With Outlandish Racism Charges


Now the left is claiming that portraying Michelle Obama as Marie Antoinette is racist – that accusation is not even close to making sense.

The phony charges of racism are meant to silence free speech and squash any negative comments about the Obamas.

This election will be different. The race card has expired. We are allowed to criticize the President and the First Lady.

The fact is that Michelle Obama is living an excessively lavish lifestyle at taxpayer expense while 15.2% of Americans are unemployed and underemployed. The issue is fair game.

We don’t crown royalty in this country. We hire public servants. The costume parties organized by Johnny Depp and the multimillion dollar vacations are not appropriate. Even Gibbs worried about the message Michelle Obama was sending, according to the new book, The Obamas.


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