They’re All Connected: A Political Connect-The-Dots Game


While diving through some leaked bank statements from Rosemont Seneca, the management company run by Devon Archer and Hunter Biden, I decided to dive a little deeper into Devon Archer and made some interesting connections that I just had to share with y’all.

Let’s start with Devon Archer. Who is Devon Archer?

Archer is an American businessman who was the college roommate of Christopher Heinz, John Kerry’s stepson and served as an advisor on John Kerry’s failed Presidential campaign in 2004. In later years, he and Hunter Biden began working together on several investment ventures. In 2014, Archer and Biden were appointed to the board of Ukranian gas company Burisma Holdings.

Let’s fast forward a few years. In 2018, Devon Archer was convicted of defrauding a Native American tribe through the issuance of $60 million worth of fraudulent bonds.

Later that year, his conviction was overturned but the convictions of those who were tried along with him were not.

The judge who convicted him and then overturned that conviction was Judge Ronnie Abrams, an Obama appointee to the US District Court.

Does Judge Abrams’ name sound familiar to you?

Just prior to the 2016 Presidential election, a woman charged then-candidate Donald Trump with raping her some 20 years earlier when she was 13 years old. A federal judge was assigned to the case and scheduled a hearing to be held in December (after Election Day). That judge was Judge Ronnie Abrams.

The case was never heard because shortly after filing the charges, the plaintiff abruptly withdrew them but Judge Abrams’ affiliation with Trump lawsuits didn’t end there. She was assigned to two other federal lawsuits questioning Trump’s business dealings with foreign governments. But it seems Judge Abrams could not serve on those trials. It is unclear whether she recused herself or was removed. Why the sudden departure?

Because Judge Abrams is married to an attorney named Greg Andres. And Greg Andres had just been appointed to serve with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate “Russian collusion.” Prior to that, Andres served as a prosecutor in the Paul Manafort trial, notoriously clashing with the judge on that trial.

Thus ends today’s game of connect-the-dots. I hope you found it as interesting as I did. Perhaps there is someone out there with greater resources who is willing to dig deeper to determine if these connections are merely an incestuous round-robin of recycled party-affiliated appointees or if there is a more profound significance to these relationships.



  1. They’re All Connected: A (global) Political Connect-The-Dots Game

    1. Print money and loan it at interest

    2. Only give good paying jobs to those who swear loyalty to you via one of your many protective proxy secret societies created for plausible deniability to avoid RICO laws.

    These two dots or points when connected make “judea”. If you are beholden and married with children, forget about getting out or escaping. This is the real America under judea and the reality of every central bank country they rule.

    Another overview or interpretation of connecting the dots by colors they use:

    1. Usury, = PURPLE or royals
    2. Wealthy = BLUE or torries (relatives of the royals)
    3. Goyim = BLACK or “in the dark” meaning unsworn

    Judea has declared war on America

    They won’t blast this headline worldwide this time around because too many people know the truth now thanks to the internet. They controlled all the major MSM papers and “editors” were, and still are, the censors. They are losing control of their information monopoly and freaking out. Speak of this with friend and find out who is really your friend or not. God bless.

    • Why don’t you just say ‘jews’. That is what you are alluding to, isn’t it ?
      The posted article is secular. Please don’t detract from its intent.

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