Caravan Stampeders-To-Be Menace Border Agents on Thursday


A group of several hundred migrants tested the border on Thursday. They marched with white flags to within 500 feet of the U.S. border. Federal police in riot gear stopped them.

Despite being offered jobs and sanctuary in Mexico, the migrants insist on illegally entering the United States.

They are entitled to do it, they say.

In the AFP video below, one migrant says, “We don’t think of Trump’s comments as a threat, we take it more as a joke or something like that because it is not Trump or anyone else who rules. God is the only one. If God wants it, we will cross. If God doesn’t want it, then we will not cross.”

The caravan includes a lot of angry young men and gangbangers.

Mexican reporter Alfredo Alvarez said in a tweet that most of the caravan groups have arrived in Tijuana. “Estimated total figure 8500 to 9000 people. Sunday could be all in Tijuana. Last group is in Mexicali and a few more in transit from CDMX,” he tweeted.

If they get in, more will come. We will be Europe.

There are real refugees who are getting lost in all this. There are no doubt real refugees in the caravans. There are real people who suffered along the way. There are women and children who were harmed. We shouldn’t be allowing this or encouraging it for their sake as well as ours. As far as the thugs in the caravans, we have enough of our own.

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3 years ago

Locking up “Ef Chapo” isn’t going to stop a kilo of drugs getting into the USA, so make a deal with him. The cartel send these invaders packing or whatever they wish to do and he can go back home. Sort of like when the USA recruited the mafia to help in the invasion of Italy in 1943.

3 years ago

Luckily for us, Trump’s survival depends on the caravan being unsuccessful. Otherwise, he could bow to pressure from within to allow entry. The US political momentum would change overnight if the caravan crosses. It would be a catastrophic event he could not recover from. He and the party would lose millions of voters in a single event.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Following in the madness of Germany and all of Europe, tearing those countries apart, these people have no respect for law and order, claiming to be sent by God, I think not, probably something evil persuading them, Globalists, Drug Cartels and the Democrat party.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Pure “evil” in the form of the UN is propelling them…the leftist, liberal, progressive traitors “within” the DNC and the ranks of the RINO’s are encouraging it…the corrupted sold out dodo heads in the mainstream fake media are aiding and abetting…all on behalf of their globalist masters in the deep state and wannabe caliphate…