Thief Sticks a Gun in the Stomach of a 9-Year Old Selling Lemonade


A 9-year old selling lemonade was robbed at gunpoint by a likely drug-involved teen. The suspect has been arrested but the police won’t release his name. This happened Saturday mid-afternoon in Monroe.

The loser stuck his gun in the boy’s stomach and demanded money.

“It’s pretty low, despicable in my book and I can’t believe someone would stoop that low to steal money from him,” Phillip Smith, the boy’s father, told FOX 46 in a previous interview.

The police have security footage.

The suspect was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“It feels great that the neighborhood came out. They have given him money, support. They gave him notes of encouragement they gave him letters. It’s just great they came out in support of him,” Mr. Smith said.

Lowe’s gave the boy a sit-down lawnmower because he was saving money to buy a mower for his other business.


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