What Do You Think About CT Police Shooting People From the Air with Armed Drones


A key legislative committee in Connecticut, a Judiciary Committee, has proposed legislation that prohibits civilian drones from armaments such as guns, tear-gas canisters and other controversial equipment, but under the bill, police would be able to arm their drones.

An amendment would require the state’s police-training administrators to report back to the General Assembly on deadly force protocols created to train law enforcement.

“We’re talking about the utilization of a weapon on a drone,” one representative said. “I think that police are taught that once you put a weapon in their hands, they shoot to kill. It’s a weapon. If you’re going to use it, you’re going to use it to kill someone.”

There are no state rules about police use of drones but this bill is a little scary. There are currently few states with laws against civilian drones from being armed. That’s a little scary too.

Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont, and Wisconsin have passed drone legislation that has some limits on armed drones. There is no federal regulation against owning an armed drone.

What do you think? As long as you keep your drone below about 400 feet, you can arm it. Politicians are very speedy when passing laws to tax us, why is this so difficult to tackle?

We got this clip from Motherboard.

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