Think San Jose and Arm Yourself


Don’t wait for the police, arm yourself. You’d be better off being judged by 12 than carried by 6, as a wise man once said.

If you don’t agree with the leader in charge’s politics, like the mayor of San Jose, you won’t be protected.

Listen to San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia, who reportedly makes over $400,000 a year, explain his approach to policing.

Go to 06:32 on the mark in the next tweet audio to hear a reporter who was there explain what happened in the sanctuary city of San Jose. He said the police were told to disengage from the protesters which must be the truth because it is exactly what happened.

Now check out some of the abuse:


  • Not a very convincing spin job, actually a disgusting display of half-truths and outright deception. Makes you wonder what personal qualities a law enforcement officer must have in order to rise through the ranks and be appointed Police Chief in San Jose or any sanctuary city. And of course, you have to wonder about the city leadership in general and the people of San Jose who elected them. The Third World has come to our shores and entrenched itself in our big cities, our local communities, our school boards, our college campuses, our courts, and certainly in our news media.