Third World Anti-Cop Riots & Violence Break Out in NYC


There was an anti-police protest of at least a thousand to start last night that broke out into invasions and violence in Brooklyn. There were several incidents spread out over different areas, causing chaos and very dangerous brawls. Gang members were present.

It was instigated by two videos, which were deceiving. Instead of sending complaints to authorities, some people decided to frighten people on the streets, jump turnstiles, vandalize, threaten cops, and brawl.


The videos that started the third worlders rampaging through the streets are deceiving, but angry, single-minded people don’t attempt to get to the truth, they just react.

This first video shows a police officer, the rioters called ‘pigs,’ punching a young man. The media refers to all these wild, young people as ‘teens,’ but some are gang members which they often don’t mention.

We slowed down the video in the next clip and you can see the teen is punching the officer.

The first video:

We slowed the video slowed down even further where the teen tries punches or tries to punch the officer. The media never bothers to show this.

The second video that stirred the masses:

The second video that caused the riots is this next one. In the video, an officer points a gun at the window. Passengers run for cover. The lone gang member has his hands up. The police rush in and put him on the ground to search for the gun. He did not have a gun on him at that time and was allowed to get up.

It got the passengers, many of whom are our new immigrants angry and frightened. However, they didn’t have the whole story.

NYPD defended the officer in a statement and said that police had chased the suspect – 19-year-old Adrian Napier – into the Pacific Street subway station after a witness reported that he had brandished a gun near Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, the New York Post reported.

No gun was found on Napier when he was arrested, but NYPD said the suspect is a known member of the Crips street gang and has been arrested 14 times in the past for crimes including assault, robbery, and grand larceny.

Napier was charged with theft of services for jumping a turnstile and taken in for questioning in an unrelated larceny case, the New York Post reported.


Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has called for the termination of the officer who punched the teen in the video, WCBS reported.

“To me, he went beyond the call of duty,” Adams said. “You’re not in a boxing match. That is not the goal and what I saw in that video is clearly outside of any training that I ever received in the police department.

“He took a chaotic situation that police had under control and he almost turned it into a riot situation based on his actions,” he told WCBS.

Did that look under control to you?

In any case, the officer is on desk duty during the investigation, and Adams surely could have said we will look into it and get back to you. He gets more votes by stirring up the mobs.


The demonstration began on Friday evening in Brooklyn’s McLaughlin Park and spread through the borough as hundreds more joined. Some who joined were gang members. Most were self-described progressives who took videos at the end.

Several teens were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.

The so-called protest grew violent with varied reactions from the people, few knowing what was going on.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” one protester, a 31-year-old woman who works in media said. “I mean, it’s monstrous. My f—king tax dollars are going to this? It doesn’t make sense.”

As the protesters fanned out in the streets Friday, a group surrounded a nearby MTA bus and vandalized it with stickers and anti-cop graffiti.

“F—k NYPD” and “NYPD KKK,” they scrawled on the bus with white marker.

“They were banging on the bus, and then a kid with a white mask and a hoodie … used a marker to mark the bus,” one passenger said after getting off.

“I’m not gonna lie, it was scary,” another passenger said.


Thugs in the Brooklyn borough of New York City vandalized NYPD squad cars by covering them with trash as bystanders mocked officers by shouting, “Trick or treat, motherf***ers!”

In the video, residents and passersby are heard laughing and taunting two police officers as they remove trash from their vehicles.

The man filming the video says: “This is what happens in the hood. Police get trash!”

There’s so much more:




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