Third World California’s Third World Schools Can’t Teach Kids to Read


California was sued on Tuesday over the extremely poor reading skills among students. Recent assessments found that less than 50 percent of students from third grade to fifth grade have met statewide reading standards since 2015.

The plaintiffs, who include current students and a retired teacher, want the state to create an accountability system to monitor reading levels.

They can do that until the next solar eclipse, but the problem won’t go away because it lies in taking massive numbers of foreigners who are uneducated, only speak a foreign language at home or are intellectually unable with too few resources to go around.

Forty-five percent of Californians speak a foreign language at home, twenty-two percent of Americans nationwide.

In 2000, 19,014,873 Californians—or 60.5% of the population five years old or over—reported speaking only English at home, down from 68.5% in 1990. That number is now 55%.

By 2014, nearly 62 million in the USA spoke a foreign language at home. In the Bay Area alone, 112 languages are spoken.

California courts can’t get enough interpreters for the 123 languages spoken. Taxpayers fund that.

California is looking more and more like a Third World country with Third World schools.

Do people really believe you can take massive numbers of the poorest in the world and not suffer serious consequences, sacrificing citizens?

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