Third World NY Abuses Cops Helping Firefighters Save Abusive People (Videos)


While NYPD cops were evacuating people from a fire at 1454 Grand Concourse in the Bronx, a suspect threw a container of milk at police. A woman also grabbed an officer’s cam.

New York City Police Officers were again targeted by bystanders in the middle of responding to an emergency. The officers can’t respond to the abusers because the mayor and police commissioner do NOT back them. The people don’t back them. Here the police are trying to make a path through the crowds for firefighters so they can save people and the residents of the area abuse the cops.

A criminal who threw milk at the police

More than 100 firefighters were called to battle the flames shooting out of a sixth-floor apartment kitchen.

As that went one, a fight started outside the burning building as crowds refused to make way for the firefighters as cops demanded. A woman ripped an officer’s body camera off. That’s when the man threw the milk carton at a cop. She was arrested and police are looking for the man. There are some reports he was tracked down.

Video footage from the scene of a Bronx apartment fire, where police were working with others to help clear the building, showed an open gallon of milk being thrown at an officer while the rowdy crowd off-camera appeared to cheer.

“Ha! They got milked on!” someone can be heard shouting in the video.

The New York Post reported that the cellphone video of the incident “was posted on Instagram with a caption that read ‘F— the [police emoji].’”

“It is becoming impossible for police officers to do our job, even in emergency situations,” Police Benevolent Association president Patrick J. Lynch said in a statement Thursday, blaming city leaders for creating a “cop-hating” environment.

Firefighters suffered minor injuries and all the tenants were okay.

This is Mayor Bill de Blasio’s hellhole. It’s officially a third world hellhole. Meanwhile, De Blasio appeared on ‘Tucker’ and ‘Hannity’ this week, talking about taxing robots’ pay.



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