This Can’t Be! 700 lbs of Coke in an Area with NO PHYSICAL BARRIER!


The Washington Examiner reports that Border Agents seized 700 pounds of cocaine. Smugglers brought into the U.S. They did not come through a legitimate point of entry as El Chapo’s peeps and Democrats would have you to believe.

Border agents said they came through an area particularly HIGH in illegal alien traffic because there is NO PHYSICAL BARRIER.

Customs and Border Protection said the suspects were seen loading “bundles of narcotics” into an off-road-style utility vehicle. This was outside of Garciasville, a city in Texas up against the river.

The suspects ran when CBP say them and they escaped. But they left the more than $22 million in drugs behind.

This is a massive bust.

“705 lbs. of cocaine, caltrops, evidence of sophisticated counter surveillance and splashdown in one encounter are an obvious reminder of the need for more personnel, technology, and infrastructure in the Rio Grande Valley,” acting Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz said in a statement. “Transnational Criminal Organizations continue to exploit areas along our western corridor that accounts for more than 90 percent of our traffic.”

Notice the Border Chief’s name is Ortiz. Democrats want you to believe he’s a racist.

Democrats made this open borders issue about race. And it has nothing freaking to do with race. We now have people from all over the world coming into the country illegally. The USA can’t be a country without borders and we can’t be safe without an orderly process of immigration with checks on who the hay is coming in here.



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