This Democratic Governor Is Under FBI Investigation, There Are Ties to Clinton’s Foundation – Updates


Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe visited Inova Loudoun Hospital in Leesburg, VA

Governor McAuliffe of Virginia is tied to George Soros and he has fundraised for Hillary Clinton. He is also under investigation for donations for his campaign from a foreign donor. McAuliffe worked for the Clinton foundation. There are suggestions that he diverted funds from the Clinton Foundation.

This is reminiscent of the corrupt Clinton and her cronies that were so prominent in the 1990s. It wasn’t only Bill’s philandering/rape scandals that we had to deal with in the ’90s.

The McAuliffe investigation suggests more influence peddling and corrupt government.

Judge Napolitano appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning and said the McAuliffe situation came up when the FBI started to investigate Hillary’s Foundation.  Judge Napolitano said the investigation of the Clinton Foundation is far more dangerous to her than the email investigation and the fact that this was leaked when Obama is thousands of miles away is very profound.

Jake Tapper announced on The Lead that “Democratic Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is under investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice over campaign fundraising.”

Reporter Evan Perez said they are looking at three donations totaling $120,000 from Wang who made the donations through a US business he owns.

Wang is a high-level member of the Chinese Communist Party. Maybe we should question the people we give residency to no matter who they donate to.

“It’s illegal for foreign nationals to make campaign donations to any U.S. Election but a spokeswoman says that Wang holds a U.S. Green card. That would make those donations legal under campaign finance law. We also know that Wang is a donor to the Clinton foundation as well as to many other causes here in the United States and we should also note that the spokeswoman says that Wang has not heard from the FBI and we don’t know what else the investigators may still be looking at. This is still an ongoing investigation.”

There’s more to this than these loans and his ties to the Clinton Foundation are curious. The FBI wouldn’t take a year to confirm residency,


Here’s the story on McAuliffe: he’s shady but it’s unlikely Loretta Lynch’s FBI will do a thing.  McAuliffe rented out the Lincoln Bedroom, sold seats on Air Force One, and was an unindicted co-conspirator in a Teamsters election law money laundering case. Even left-wing media outlets have attacked him for his ethics.

Terry McAuliffe – Do You Believe How Bad This Guy Is?


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