This Info Needs to Go Viral! Sen. Feinstein’s Chinese Spy’s Unmasked


Lowe is on the left

Senator Dianne Feinstein is said to have had no idea that her office was infiltrated by a man who was feeding information to an individual linked to China’s Ministry of State Security.

She was allegedly “mortified” when the FBI showed up at her Washington DC office five years ago to warn her about the mole.

The Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time, Feinstein had access to classified intelligence the Chinese Communist government would want.


He was more than just a driver. He was a gofer and a liaison to the Asian- American community.

Apparently he was also her office manager, if the Daily Caller reporter is correct.

The Daily Caller believes the spy can only be Russell Lowe, who was also her office manager. He was listed on Feinstein’s payroll as an “office director” in 2013, according to records maintained by the Sunlight Foundation.

He was her aide, not simply a driver.

Feinstein has said that the spy had “no access to sensitive information,” and the former staffer was never prosecuted.

That does not appear to be true.

The FBI never told any of her staff members about the possibility nor did they interview Lowe.

Lowe now works with the Education for Social Justice Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that says it’s focused on “educating the public on the Japanese military’s ‘comfort women’ system, which forced over 200,000 girls and women from at least 13 Asian countries into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army before and during WWII.”

Feinstein told us recently, after keeping it under wraps for five years, that he did not pass on any valuable information. Also, he allegedly said he didn’t even know he was spying.

The FBI sure is kind to Democrats. Democrats can give spies access to intelligence information for 20 years.

As this was going on, she and her third husband Richard Blum made made millions from financial investments in China.  They traveled to China often and told an LA Times reporter they were the first foreigners to visit the residence of mass murderer Mao Tse-tung.

On Capitol Hill, she became known as one of the staunchest proponents of relations with China, the LA Times reports. It’s hard to know how seriously to take this report since LA wants the Communist Kevin de Leon to take her Senate seat. However, they did make millions and she was a sitting senator at the time promoting China.

Big News! Feinstein’s Spy Didn’t Know He Was a Spy, Passed on No Important Info

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5 years ago

Kinda like the Awan IT guy, nothing to see here move along, move along, they kept this quiet for 5 years? the FBI warned Feinstein of a spy on her staff but did not extend the same courtesy to candidate Donald Trump. Instead, the FBI used a bogus dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump, not warn him.