This Is an Actual Democrat Candidate for President


Andrew Yang is miraculously hanging on to his run for President in the Democrat Primary. He’s an incredible kook. The businessman is the candidate who wants to give every American $1,000 a month, even millionaires. Mr. Yang also wants a China-like digital social credit system.

Yang also promised he could “beat fat” Trump.

The clip below shows him doing something fun? We’re not sure what is going on here.


At least he knows what’s unimportant.

This presidential candidate is taking a stand against circumcision! He would establish a public policy on it. He is looking for support from the “intactivists”—an oddball fringe group that desires to keep penises “intact.”

“I’m highly aligned with the intactivists,” Yang said. “History will prove them even more correct.”

Inactivists, Yang’s group

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