This Is Clear Proof of DoJ/FBI Pro-Dem Bias Released by the FBI Itself


Peter Strzok

Jordan Schachtel, reporter for CRTV, reviewed newly-released documents in the FBI vault. He uncovered proof that the FBI team led by Peter Strzok was negotiating with the Clinton lawyers for the bathroom server, the “successor server”. That is the one Hillary had her tech obliterate with Bleachbit.

There was a lot of negotiating between the FBI and the Clinton lawyers. They negotiated evidence with Democrat Hillary.

The FBI knew about the server September 21, 2015.

That is a very different approach from the one they used with Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. In their cases, their homes, offices, and hotel rooms were raided as if they were the mob.

Schachtel reports that the FBI was very unhappy with this revelation unearthed by Schachtel. And after all Peter Strzok did wrong, he was allowed to keep his security clearance which as per his demand. Jeff Sessions either lied or is clueless because he said Strzok did not keep his clearance. Sessions has let this go on so we suspect he was lying. How did he not know?

While Hillary was treated with kid gloves and exonerated while clearly guilty, the President was being framed with a fake dossier.


In the heavily-redacted documents released by the FBI last week, it was determined that Christopher Steele was deemed “not suitable for use as a source”. Yet the FBI — via Bruce Ohr — continued to use his information. The former British spy’s unverified dossier was the basis for the warrant to spy on Carter Page, hence the Trump campaign.

The  Comey-Strzok FBI met thirteen times with the foreign spy Christopher Steele who authored the dossier. Steele was paid eleven times, all at the same time Hillary’s campaign and the DNC paid him, via Fusion GPS, for the same dossier [opposition research].

FBI Paid a Foreign Spy to Collect Gossip from the Kremlin on the GOP Campaign

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