This Is How Crazy the UK Migrant Immigration Is Getting



There is a quaint little village near West Sussex called Earnley and it is home to 150 residents who have a “bit of money”. They were recently told they would also be home to 200 men between the ages of 18 and 39 from war-torn and morally corrupt nations in east Africa and the Middle East. Many will come from the notorious refugee camp in Calais and the plan calls for a total of 6,000 to pass through.

They will live in a center that has room for 101 students.

Earnley has one business they rely on – tourism!

The plan calls for more than 6,000 young men to come through Earnley in a year.

The residents are understandably panicked and want something more reasonable in this little town of 70 homes, one church and no stores.

One resident said, “Tourism is the main source of income in the parish and people are very worried this would put holidaymakers off and employment would be affected.”

A nearby business owner, who did not want to be named, said: “Everyone was very sympathetic of their plight at a meeting we had but there was a general feeling of concern.

“Whether they’re in tweed jackets or tracksuits, in Earnley or London, this many all-male refugees who may not speak English or understand our culture will affect the feeling of the village.

“Some people I spoke to who are planning to move to Earnley said they will pull out of an offer on a house if the plans go through. Many of us feel sorry for them but this tiny rural setting just doesn’t seem appropriate for them or us.”

After the residents objected and pleaded, they were told the influx would be families and single women as well as men. The influx, however, is on! Most of these people are economic migrants.

Imagine if someone told you that you would be home to refugees who double the number of residents and who come from terror nations?

Source: Express UK



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