This Is How the Midland-Odessa Gunman Got the Gun


Law enforcement revealed how the Midland-Odessa killer obtained the rifle he used to kill seven and wound numerous others this past weekend. He was blocked from buying a gun for mental unfitness but was able to buy a gun from a private seller.

He also called the FBI after the rampage and admitted to the killings.


According to WFAA, law enforcement sources report the shooter had failed a background check and then bought the AR-15-style rifle through a private sale.

It is against the law to sell a firearm to someone who is unable to pass a background check, but the seller is not required to conduct one.

But doesn’t he have to see proof of one??? Perhaps the shooter presented false documentation.

The dead suspect had a criminal history that included pleading guilty to criminal trespassing and evading arrest, both of which are misdemeanors in Texas. He did not receive jail time, but instead got two years of probation.

This private sale loophole is how 36-year-old Seth Aaron Ator purchased the gun authorities say he used to kill seven and wound more than 20 others across a 10-mile stretch of Odessa and Midland, Texas.

That is a legitimate loophole and the seller should be obligated to get a form saying the buyer passed a background check if that isn’t the law already. That needs to be fixed.


The criminal background system blocked the killer from buying a gun because he was deemed mentally unfit, according to Ryan Ruggiero at CNBC/NBC.

Ator had been calling the police and the FBI for years, leaving incoherent messages. On Saturday, he called the FBI after the shooting and admitted to the murders.

Ator lived in a shack with dirt floors, no running water, and no electricity. He shot rabbits at night for food.

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4 years ago

The first mistake is he had been leaving messages with the FBI for years. Why didn’t someone do an evaluation on him? Almost everyone of these shooters have or should have been evaluated the authority have just let them go. Forget about guns and do there jobs and take these people off the streets. There are more people killed in Chicago on any given weekend than all the mass shootings. No one talks about this but they have the most gun regulations of any city.

4 years ago

A private sale is not a loophole, it’s fully legal.
There’s no way I, or anyone else I know would sell a weapon to someone that couldn’t present a valid in state DL and a CCW or pistol permit. That’s your proof The State has approved of them.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dunc

Excellent point. I’ve bought and sold from private sellers. I always present my CCL and DL even if not asked for. If I am the seller I ask for CCL or in state DL. I don’t sell to out of state buyers. We are safe reliable private/legal sellers/buyers. Leave us alone.