This Is How Well Obama’s Background Checks Work



As Barack Obama was telling participants in his town hall that background checks work in stemming gun violence, they were glaringly not working in California and Texas.

Two REFUGEES were just arrested as terrorists while Obama was trying to divert attention to background checks.

Two men born in Iraq who came to the U.S. as refugees were set to appear in court Friday on terror-related charges in California and Texas, as investigators say one of the men wrote that he wanted to travel to Syria because he was “eager to see blood,” Fox News reported.

Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, of Sacramento, Calif., is accused of traveling to Syria to fight alongside terrorist organizations and lying to government investigators about it.

At the same time in Houston, federal authorities announced the arrest of Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, on charges of attempting to provide material support to ISIS, procurement of citizenship or naturalization unlawfully and making false statements to investigators. He was the 80th person charged under Federal law in an ISIS-related case since April 2013, and the first in 2016.

In addition to writing that he was “eager to see blood,” Al-Jayab also claimed that he wanted to learn “long range shooting,” and that “God has facilitated” his travels, court documents show.

These are men who passed Barack Obama’s screening process – his background checks. At the same time these men were charged, Obama was holding a town hall on gun control – not terrorism – gun control. Gun violence in the US is down dramatically as Taya Kyle told Obama during the town hall but terrorism is becoming an increasing threat.

So what does he do? He focuses on incrementally disarming Americans and bringing in thousands of unvetted refugees.

During the debate he told a rape victim that a gun did not necessarily make her safe but there is no sign of him disarming his bodyguards.

Barack Obama thinks background checks are the solution to gun violence, while he ignores terrorism, drug cartels, and gangs.

If he wanted a real big impact on gun violence, he could insist the feds go into Chicago and disarm the minority gangs but he won’t do that. He could take guns away from the illegals in gangs who are not allowed to have guns.

In almost all of the mass shootings that were not gang related, the killers passed the background checks.