This Is Police Memorial Week – Appreciate Them While You Still Can


NYPDPresident John F. Kennedy issued Proclamation 3537 which designated May 15 of each year as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week during which May 15 occurs as Police Week.

The Proclamation states in part:

Whereas, from the beginning of this Nation, law enforcement officers have played an important role in safeguarding the rights and freedoms which are guaranteed by the Constitution and in protecting the lives and property of our citizens; and

Whereas, through constant application of new procedures and techniques, such officers are becoming more efficient in their enforcement of our laws; and

Whereas it is important that our people know and understand the problems, duties, and responsibilities of their police departments and the necessity for cooperating with them in maintaining law and order; and

Whereas it is fitting and proper that we express our gratitude for the dedicated service and courageous deeds of law enforcement officers and for the contributions they have made to the security and well-being of all our people; and…

There are ceremonies throughout the nation. The Fallen are especially honored during the week.

Some in D.C. said the recent events should not reflect on all officers, according to whdh news.

“I don’t know any officer who doesn’t truly, truly care about the community they serve,” said Officer Adam Johnston, who came from Rochester, New York.

Most concerning is that the charity bicycle ride was also held in the nation’s capital as part of National Police Week but it couldn’t follow the full traditional route, because of threats to officers.

That’s outrageous.

We had better appreciate the police and the job they do while we can. If Mr. Obama has his way, policing will become looney left with criminals running amok as they did in Baltimore. Some of those criminals were young children. Children are being taught anarchy. It doesn’t speak well for the future generation.

Since the incompetent Baltimore mayor Rawlings-Blake ordered police to stand down while 350 stores were looted or burned, cars were burned, and police were pummeled with weapons like bricks and bottles, Baltimore has sunk further into a crime wave.

Ten people were shot in Baltimore alone. A total of 87 were killed this year, 22 more than last year, and, according to the Baltimore Sun, nonfatal shootings are up 50%. The people being killed are black but unless a white cop kills them or some white man, you won’t hear much about it. There won’t be any marches or outcries for these poor dead people.

The Daily Caller reported that morale across all law enforcement is low, partly because proactive policing has been stopped. Police see the same violent criminals they’ve arrested immediately released back on the streets. They suffer from a shortage of personnel and police are afraid of political and legal backlash if they try to prevent crime.

Obama is behind the movement to demonize police so he can federalize them just as he did to doctors, insurance companies, bankers, and Israelis.

One source said they might turn their backs on Barack Obama Friday during the Memorial service. If they do, we need to support them.

Mr. Obama has made the police the enemy. You think we’d get smart after he’s done it so many times to push he far-left agenda.

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