This Is So Sick: Dorner Supporters Protesting Victimized Police



Today, dozens of Dorner supporters protested the way the Dorner investigation was carried out as if they know how it was carried out. They said they did not condone the killings – big of them.

The LAPD just suffered the loss of two young officers and these morons are attacking them. They believe Dorner’s story.

Maybe they read a different manifesto from the one I read. The one I read was by a paranoid narcissist who hated Lesbian cops, Hispanic cops, and Black cops. He raged on about grievances from elementary school. Obviously, the LAPD was right to fire him because he was a homicidal maniac

Full story at the LA Times

These protesters are just police haters. They hate authority.

They are Occupiers. If you notice, one is wearing the “Vendetta” mask. They’re all the same people. They jump from one insane extremist cause to another but the media never calls them on it or makes the connection.

They are the malcontents in our society and they are a threat though the Democrats were quick to embrace them.

Occupy LA wants Dorner to rest in power despite the carnage he reeked.

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