Obama’s Unbelievable and Frightening Tyranny


There’s an old joke about not believing the obvious: Joe comes to the rescue of his friend, Bob, who’s stuck in his car after a bad crash. “Bob, are you still alive?” A plaintive voice replies: “Yes, I am.” “Thank goodness! But you’re such a liar, Bob, I don’t really know whether to believe you.”


Branco cartoon via Legal Insurrection

Believe this, President Obama is doing more than simply usurping power, he is attempting to change the way we think and turn our American Dream into a Socialist Dream.

Obama’s attack on religious organizations that don’t accept abortion is meant to change the way we think about religious freedom; income inequality is about making us believe incomes must be based on a person’s need rather than abilities and contributions; we are being told that welfare and food stamps are legitimate income instead of a temporary hand up; redistribution is becoming a noble pursuit as opposed to theft; everything is becoming a right except the Bill of Rights; and the Constitution is belittled. Ignoring it is now acceptable.

The Constitution is the law of our land. Without it, what do we have?

Sometimes the obvious is exactly what it appears to be and you don’t have to believe or not believe one person or several people or the media, you can see it for yourself.

Barack Obama’s recent speech, in which he announced “he has a pen and phone” and will “not just wait for legislation,”  prompted Mark Levin to say that we are witnessing “a gradual, quiet [nonviolent] coup.”

Obama said he will violate the Constitution and will “sign Executive Orders and take Executive Actions” to advance his mission to “unify all Americans.”

As Levin said, this is the language dictators use. Obama assumes that he represents all Americans and will decide what is best for us. He will write the laws, choose the laws he will enforce, and rewrite even his own laws – Obamacare being one – at will.

In an article in The New Statesman, the former deputy editor, Cristina Odone, argues that “liberalism has become the new orthodoxy-and there is no room for religious believers to dissent.” She is referring to what is going on in her country – England.

She cites one of her own recent experiences in which she was to speak at a conference on marriage at the Law Society in London. The government just began public discussions on changing the law to allow same-sex marriage.

The conference was a chance for supporters of traditional marriage to participate; they were all respected speakers and some were scholars.

The Law Society refused to allow these supporters of traditional marriage – still the legal union in Britain – to use the premises because they said it was discriminatory.

The group found another venue and they were ousted from there as well, ending up in the basement of a hotel.

The author said that Christians, Muslims and Jews in Britain are increasingly prevented from expressing their beliefs if they run counter to the liberal’s view of tolerance and equality.

Let me offer an aside here for consideration. The liberal leftists appear to support Muslims, in an extreme way, but do they? I propose that it is not Muslims they support, but radical Islam.

Look at the evidence. Radical clerics are allowed to visit radical Islamic groups in the US; terrorists are being released from GITMO and, in the case of KSM, he is being allowed to send out propagandized manifestos.

On Long Island, the radical and dangerous Nation of Islam, which has been protected in New York City, is now being pushed by the far-left in Suffolk County. They are bringing in the Imams from this dangerous and radical group to speak to the poor looking for guidance.

Religion, except for radical Islam, has been reduced to an “irrelevance” or even an “offense against the prevailing establishment,” as Ms. Odone writes.

To paraphrase Ms. Odone, the gay lobby has been most effective in helping bring this about and we need to learn from it and use the same techniques to demand our equal rights because the same thing is beginning to happen here in America.

We see great tolerance for those voting groups the liberals currently acknowledge, but little for those they don’t, such as the Tea Party, people who wave US flags and quote the Constitution.

Where is the tolerance for religious people who believe abortifacients and abortion violates their religious and moral core or who believe in a traditional definition of marriage? Why are a small minority of people bullying the rest?

Mr. Obama’s HHS mandate was never necessary. There was no pressing need to make everyone pay for birth control, abortifacients, and sterilizations when clinics and Planned Parenthood do it for free or on a sliding scale.

Mr. Obama’s mandate was only meant to erase these things from the fount of religious liberty. Abortion will be next and perhaps forced same-sex marriages in churches will be as well. If not, churches will continue to be demeaned and religion will be hidden from society.

It is the road we are on.

For years, the schools I worked in on Long Island would quietly allow religious organizations to use the premises after hours for various meetings. It had to be kept from the public even though religious organizations are allowed equal access under the Constitution.

New York City has faced years of legal arm-wrestling over allowing religious services and/or meetings in government buildings after hours, when no one is around. They allow every other organization but they don’t want religion.

I spotted the following story at Joe for America which addresses a group that never seems to get attacked – the CPUSA.

New Haven Connecticut recently opened their public school doors to the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The CPUSA was able to hold their annual Amistad Awards ceremony in the auditorium of New Haven’s Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School.

Communists, as you know, seek to overthrow our government with a nonviolent coup.

The event began with  a chant of “People before profits,” and included a session on spreading the propaganda door-to-door. Connecticut State Rep. Edwin Vargas praised the Communists in the crowd and then began quoting that brutal murderer of his own people, Ché Guevara.

It was the second time a New Haven school hosted the Communists.

The intolerance of the liberals for those they disagree with and tolerance for Communists should give one pause since their use of the term “liberal” has become misleading at best.

The range of people now calling themselves “liberals” and “tolerant” includes communists, socialists and democratic socialists, people who hardly fit into any of those categories.

The left has been on a deliberate and vicious campaign to destroy anyone who espouses traditional American values. Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz are good examples of their victims.

Both are people seen as “dangerous and frightening” by leftists who disdain traditional America.

A well-orchestrated campaign by the media destroying Sarah Palin was outed when it was discovered that the media was consulting with the White House and each other on all things conservative and especially on Sarah Palin. Joshua Pundit has an article dealing with that.

Ted Cruz, a traditional American,  has his own views on who is actually “dangerous and terrifying” – President Obama. Cruz told a conservative conference that President Barack Obama is “lawless” and it is “lawlessness on a breathtaking scale.”

Cruz added, “We are a nation of laws and not men,” Cruz said, “If we had a system where a president can pick and choose what laws to follow at utter whim … that is seriously dangerous.”

He was quickly and widely demeaned in the mainstream media for his headline-capturing speech.

CBS hinted that it gives fodder to the right-wing with whom he is popular and they quoted Philip Martin of the far-left Texas Progress group as saying, “Ted Cruz’s temper tantrums cost taxpayers billions of dollars and did nothing for the 6 million Texans without health insurance.”

Martin is referring to Cruz’ efforts to shut down Obamacare, which is now looking more and more dangerous to Americans. No one is allowed to have a differing opinion from the “tolerant” leftists or they will be called insulted.

Obamacare will spiral out of financial control and will eventually lead to a soviet-style healthcare system. As Rep. McDermott of Washington said, “The government will decide what healthcare you get.”

It is not a temper tantrum nor is it fodder, but leftists want to eliminate Ted Cruz as a possible presidential candidate.

Why does President Obama lie? We know he does, many of us knew from the beginning when he downplayed his strong communist background, connections, and proclivities. Now his lies are out in the open but there is little outrage.

He lied 33 times on one issue alone concerning Obamacare. He said we can keep our doctors, our insurance and our hospitals. That will not be the case. The government is making these choices for us.

The most recent lie concerned Benghazi.

There were two explosive reports this week, one out of the House and one out of the Senate. Not one newspaper covered the House report and few covered the Senate report, because the media is working hand-in-glove with the Obama Administration. We have a state-sponsored media.

A House report earlier in the week, followed by a bipartisan Senate report, confirmed al-Qaeda was involved. The administration, including the president, knew from the outset that it was a terror attack, not a protest. The Administration lied repeatedly and said the attack was the result of a protest. All of this happened during an election year.

Hillary Clinton knew the consulate was without security though she denied that she knew.

Obama, and Hillary Clinton, lie because it is a means to an end.

We have out of control government agencies.

The EPA just took over an entire town, the town of Riverton, Wyoming in violation of a 1905 law which defined the boundaries. The Native-Americans asked for it back and the EPA has assumed the power to steal the land from the current owners. If the EPA can do this to the people in Riverton, they can do it to anyone. They can grab land by the water and say it’s for global warming.

They can take your land because someone wants it. The government already has over-reached with Eminent Domain. Read more about it on this link.

Then there is the NSA joining forces with google, which controls 40% of the world’s Internet traffic. Doesn’t that give one pause? This is an NSA that collects every phone message and email. This is a government that has overreached with The Patriot Act, something I supported originally and still do to a more limited degree than we are seeing now.

This is a government that spies on you and can also arrest you and detain you indefinitely without cause and without due process. Granted, they only want to use it against al-Qaeda operatives but they can use it beyond that if they choose to do so.

ABC news, a bastion of liberalism, reported that Barack Obama in 2011, signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) from his vacation rental in Kailua, Hawaii with reservations. Who cares if he had reservations – he signed it.

ABC News wrote, “In a statement, the president said he did so with reservations about key provisions in the law — including a controversial component that would allow the military to indefinitely detain terror suspects, including American citizens arrested in the United States, without charge.”

This is a power that goes against the Constitution and it could come back to bite us one day.

The Obama Administration has violated immigration law, state laws,  and his own healthcare law. He has sued states like Arizona for upholding the law. He wants to make it impossible for there to be any voter ID laws because he wants the vote corrupted.

Obama has hired John Podesta to push his Progressive agenda through and has announced he will ignore Congress and the Separation of Powers:

Go to The Center of American Progress to view the blueprint Obama is following and to see what the country will look like once he is done. It’s as extreme as it gets.

Liberalism as we see it unfolding in the United States is not “liberal” in the sense of giving freely or being tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others. They are intolerant of anyone who does not agree with them.

What are liberals free about? Drugs and unfettered sexual liaisons? They don’t want us to be free from the government on much else. They are liberals in the sense that they believe the government should play an active part in bringing about social and political change – the change they find acceptable.

Friday is often Obama’s dump day, the day when he dumps his most offensive Executive Orders or data releases, then there is the peaceful weekend, but come Monday, there is always a new barrage of tyrannical threats or mandates.

Being a classical liberal, which is what most conservatives are, with this president is like being the man walking to his execution who says, “What a way to start a week.”

Our Republic is dying a slow death and those of us who would like to remain free and self-sufficient will die with it.