This Is What a Eulogy for an Establishment Conservative Looks Like


The Washington Post began an obituary for the late Charles Krauthammer that blamed him for the Iraq War, a bit of a stretch since he’s a writer, not a general. They called him a “neo-conservative provocateur” who helped lead the invasion of Iraq. Who remembers seeing him leading the men? Missed that! Adam Bernstein wrote that he “helped lay the ideological groundwork for the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.”

Conservatives don’t get decent eulogies from the left, even if they’re not really conservatives.

They should have instead recognized him as one of their own — establishment – but still a great man and a great thinker.

It is impossible not to like Charles Krauthammer, a brilliant psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize winner who overcame the limitations of his severe disability. Charm and kindness were hallmarks of his character, but the one thing he was not, although he purported to be, was a conservative. He had a distaste for Libertarians as well. All fake conservatives dislike Libertarians.

He was establishment.

Charles wasn’t a liberal who became a conservative. He was a liberal who acquired some conservative viewpoints which he abandoned when Donald Trump became president. Charles saw Donald Trump as a vulgarian which led him to become a Never Trumper. We are told he was always fair to Trump but, no, he wasn’t. He just wasn’t as bad as Stephen Hayes or Bill Kristol, two more fake conservatives mourning Charles’ death.

Fake Conservatives don’t support the hard-left Democrat Party. They recognize the danger we are in.


Fox News’s Special Report with Bret Baier eulogized him last night and, for the man he was, for the writer he was, he deserved it. For the conservative, he thought he was, not as much.

The Special Report panel included Morton Kondracke, a liberal, who described Trump as a xenophobe. In fact, the entire panel was anti-Trump.

Trump is more conservative than their beloved George Bush who is a globalist and a fake conservative.  Then again, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and even John McCain pretend to be conservatives, so why not call Bush a conservative? These people also hate Libertarians so what’s left? Liberals…establishment…or leftist enablers might be a more apt description.

Fred Barnes was on the panel but many of us are still laughing at him over a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Republicans Are Campaigning to Lose. In the article two years ago, he wrote that Donald Trump would guarantee a loss in November 2016 to equal that of Goldwater’s defeat in 1964. He had no basis for saying that and appears ever the fool for the comparison.


Charles’ good friend, the upper crusty and self-satisfied George Will, lost his position at Fox News because his Never Trump rhetoric was so vile, he would never be tolerated by the audience. He too was never a conservative.

The arrogant elitist Will claims the only reason the President has support from Republicans in Congress and in the party is out of fear.

The Washington Post columnist Will took issue with Senator Bob Corker’s characterization of the GOP’s relationship with President Trump as “cult-like,” instead, calling it one based on “fear.”

“It’s not a cult,” Will told HBO host Bill Maher Friday night. “A cult implies misguided if sincere worship. This is fear. They’re not worshipful, they are invertebrates. They are frightened.”

He was even less flattering to Trump supporters. We are all ‘vengeful’, he says.

When Bill Maher pointed out the historically high Trump approval rating among GOP voters, Will said, “Well it’s a cult of personality among his supporters, and his supporters are nothing if not vengeful if you differ from him, and for that reason that vast majority of people in Congress are in Congress to be in Congress. That is, they want to stay there. And therefore, absent term limits, this is the careerist motivation they have and he is the biggest threat to that.”

Will wants Republicans to lose the House to the likes of Nancy Pelosi

Longtime fake conservative George Will, who became “unaffiliated” after then-candidate Trump disparaged a Mexican-born [LaRaza extremist] judge, argues in a Washington Post op-ed that Republicans should lose control of the House in November. House Speaker Paul Ryan “traded his political soul for … a tax cut,” Will says.

No conservative would push for a Democrat Socialist to take the House but he hates Trump so much, he doesn’t care about his so-called conservative values.

Never Trumper conservatives are fake conservatives. They are putting their personal distaste for the President above country, and that includes all of the Bush family.

They are globalists, establishment, and they are willing to provide support for the Democrat Party even though it is now taken over by the hard-left.

Where are they when fascists in colleges, Hollywood, the media are tearing apart Libertarians, Conservatives, and the only man fighting against the leftist movement in our culture and our politics is abandoned and demonized? They are joining them and doing the same.

We will end up like Venezuela with conservatives like them. As Colombia has risen from the sewer of socialism and Brazil is trying to fight it, Never Trumpers and Democrats are running to the politically correct and fascist hard-left.

This is what a eulogy for a fake conservative looks like. I will miss Charles and am very sorry he’s dead, but his view of the right came from the establishment perspective. He will be missed as a thinker, as a truly good man, but not as a conservative.

  • They sure were/are not conservative. They marketed themselves as conservatives. Both used sophistry to try to convince viewers that they were saying something meaningful. A real conservative can be measured on their budget position. These two would attack conservatives in congress for trying to take a stand to reduce spending. They seldom advocated actions to implement conservative policies.