This Is What American Socialism Is, Kid!



An article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) today warns parents to explain Socialism to their children. Our youth really don’t know but think they do and therein lies the grave danger.

The question to ask during this article is “What is American Socialism?” We will tell you the answer at the end.

Soft-pedaling Socialism to the masses is easy and common. For decades, youth have been sold on the lie that it’s beneficial, harmless, and we are already there anyway to say nothing of the indoctrination by the hate America contingent.

Take the next excerpt from the New York Times article, What’s a Socialist, published June 30, 2012.

In answer to the question, what does it mean to be a socialist, the author wrote:

Not very much. Certainly nothing radical. In a sense, socialism was an ideology of the industrialized 19th century, a democratic Marxism, and it succeeded, even in (shh!) the United States. Socialism meant the emancipation of the working class and its transformation into the middle class; it championed social justice and a progressive tax system, and in that sense has largely done its job. As the industrialized working class gets smaller and smaller, socialism seems to have less and less to say.

Center-right parties have embraced or absorbed many of the ideas of socialism: trade unions, generous welfare benefits, some form of nationalized health care, even restrictions on carbon emissions. The right argues that it can manage all these programs more efficiently than the left, and some want to shrink them, but only on the fringes is there talk of actually dismantling the welfare state.

“As an ideologically based movement, socialism is no longer vital,” says Joschka Fischer, who began his career on the far left and remains a prominent spokesman for the Green Party. “Today it’s a combination of democracy, rule of law and the welfare state, and I’d say a vast majority of Europeans defend this — the British Tories can’t touch the National Health Service without being beheaded.”

The entire three paragraphs are a lie meant to further instill the dangerous and failed system through gradualism. The article was written upon socialist Francois Hollande’s election as president. Today, after less than four years, France suffers a 10.3% jobless rate and 25% youth unemployment. Growth is less than 1%.

We must teach the youth about Socialism which is insidiously infiltrating our government and making us into a welfare state that operates not for individual liberty but for the whiny, chanting collective and greedy, corrupt elite.

In an article today in the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens writes:

Noah, my 10-year-old son, was reading over my shoulder a powerful story about the state of medicine in Venezuela by Nick Casey in Sunday’s New York Times.

We scrolled through images of filthy operating rooms, broken incubators and desperate patients lying in pools of blood, dying for lack of such basics as antibiotics.

“Dad, why are the hospitals like this?”


“What’s socialism?”

I told him it’s an economic system in which the government seizes and runs industries, sets prices for goods, and otherwise dictates what you can and cannot do with your money, and therefore your life. He received my answer with the abstracted interest you’d expect if I had been describing atmospheric conditions on Uranus.

Here’s what I wish I had said: Socialism is a mental poison that leads to human misery of the sort you see in these wrenching pictures.

The lesson seems all the more necessary when discredited ideologies are finding new champions in high places. When Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez died in 2013, an obscure U.K. parliamentarian tweeted, “Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela & a very wide world.”

The parliamentarian was Jeremy Corbyn…

Jeremy Corbyn is the communist recently elected to Parliament as a Labour candidate in the UK.

You see, one of the many dangers of Socialism is that it leads inevitably to communism because statists can’t stop and when they fail, they do more of the same.

You can read about Corbyn on this link.

Britain’s New Labour Leader Greatly Admires Hugo Chavez – Scared Yet?

Further along in Mr. Stephens article, he talks about the useful idiots, apologists and sycophants:

In its day, Chavismo found champions, apologists and useful idiots among influential political figures and supposed thought leaders. In Massachusetts there wereJoseph P. Kennedy and Rep. Bill Delahunt, who arranged a propaganda coup for the strongman by agreeing to purchase discounted Venezuelan heating oil for U.S. consumers. The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel extolled Chávez for defying the Bush administration and offering “an innovative four-point program to renew and reform the U.N.”

Stephens mentioned Naomi Klein, our Canadian communist export, who treated Chavez as a hero, and Jimmy Carter who eulogized him for his “assertion of autonomy and independence”.

Klein is now an adviser to Pope Francis. It is through people like Klein that Communism is able to spread and infect the minds of the common man.

Why aren’t other admirers like Michael Moore and Sean Penn down in Venezuela now supporting the Chavez government under Maduro that they so praised?

The proponents like to call it “Democratic Socialism” but the only difference between that and “Socialism” is with the former, the people can vote in corrupt elections, and with the latter, they can’t. Voting hasn’t done the Venezuelans any good.

The “Western cheerleaders” as Mr. Stephans calls them set “Venezuela on its road to hyperinflationhyper-criminalitywater shortagesbeer shortageselectricity blackoutspolitical repression and national collapse. Chávez and his successor, Nicolás Maduro,gained prestige and legitimacy from these paladins of the left. They are complicit in Venezuela’s agony.”

Now there is Bernie who has made his brand of Socialism legitimate and popular with his fawning fledgling’s chanting the fagin’s mantra of legal theft in the name of social justice and equality.

Bernie’s popularity is alarming to anyone who understands the revolution of useful idiots he has begun. Even more concerning is that Hillary has enthusiastically bought into it and looks more like Bernie and Elizabeth Warren every day.

The Democrats are quickly buying into Bernie’s brand of statism. Steny Hoyer recently said that almost-communist Bernie Sanders is a mainstream candidate.

As Mayor of Burlington, Vt in the 1980s, Bernie had a communist foreign policy in which he established sister-city relations with Puerto Cabezas in Nicaragua and Yaroslavl in the Soviet Union. On a 1985 trip to communist Nicaragua, he lavished praise on Daniel Ortega’s communist regime—Chavismo’s older cousin.

Guess Who Says Red Diaper Baby Bernie Is a “Mainstream Candidate”

As Mr. Stephans says in his article, “If Mr. Sanders ever rethought or recanted those views, I’m not aware of it.”

It is the same Socialism Bernie espouses and Hillary wants to a lesser degree — she supports crony Capitalism which keeps her somewhat tied to our Republic. He will gleefully add $18 trillion in government spending, crashing our economy. The people who have received freebies will not want to give them up. We will be lucky to look like Greece. No one will bail us out.

The income inequality clarion call of the left is intended to get votes but it’s also to enable Marxist redistribution.

There is never any difference in the Socialist models and they all lead to Communism and collective misery.

Tell your children now about Socialism, before it’s too late.

One of the commenters on the WSJ article said this about Socialism which is not a free system of government:

“In free societies, the government’s role is limited to facilitating freedom of interaction between economic agents. It sets up rules of conduct that are generally agreed to by the players.  However, when government becomes a player, for example our current system, it no longer is an objective arbiter but rather acts in the interests of its constituency- government bureaucrats whose economic interests become the primary driver of their actions.”

When Chavez took over, I remember hearing an elderly farmer, a gentleman, talk about his fear his farm would be taken. All his life, he tilled the land for himself and for his family, and now he was considered the hated rich. Of course his farm was taken. One of the end goals of this collectivist system of government is collective ownership.

Chavez followed the same principles Bernie and, to a lesser degree, Hillary espouse. He stacked the judiciary as Barack Obama has done; he did the same with the legislature as Obama is doing with his manipulation of the voting process and his massive immigration of Democrats; he rewrote the Constitution which is basically what Obama is doing. He used the country’s wealth to reward cronies just as the Clintons and Obama have done, with the crumbs going to the peons, many who look for handouts instead of a hand up.

In answer to the question, What is American Socialism?, the answer can only be, it’s Venezuelan Socialism, it’s Cuban Socialism, it’s Russian Communism.

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