This is What Communism Looks Like – Banning Circumcision, a First Step

Rabbi David Goldberg, charged criminally  in Cologne Germany for performing a circumcision

Cologne, Germany banned circumcisions recently and has decided to act on the law.

Today, criminal assault charges were filed against Rabbi David Goldberg in Cologne, Germany for performing a circumcision, according to the Times of Israel.

A doctor from Hesse filed a criminal complaint against Rabbi David Goldberg, who serves in the community of Hof, in Upper Franconia (northern Bavaria), according to the Juedische Allgemeine weekly newspaper. The chief prosecutor of Hof confirmed that charges had been filed against the rabbi. The charges are based on the controversial decision of a Cologne district court, which ruled in June that circumcisions for religious reasons constitute illegal bodily harm to newborn babies.

Parents have been told they are also not exempt from the law and will be prosecuted if they allow a circumcision.

The law will encourage Germany’s other counties and other European countries to follow suit. The Scandinavian countries in particular are interested in a similar ban.

Jewish and Muslim communities are up in arms, but 60% of Germans think it’s genital mutilation, comparing it to genital mutilations performed on young girls. The two are in no way comparable. Genital mutilation on girls has serious and lifelong debilitating effects.

Muslims and Jews have promised legal challenges to Germany’s highest court, Federal Constitutional Court. Christians have also united with them.

This is ill-conceived, based on false medical information and it is an assault on freedom of religion. There is nothing harmful in circumcision and it is far more harmful to not circumcise a baby boy.

Banning circumcisions could happen here.

The idea of banning circumcision has come to the United States, as recently as last year. Officials in San Francisco and Santa Monica considered the idea which was being promoted by a group referring to themselves as the “intactivists”.

Last October, Governor Jerry Brown passed a law banning the ban.

Numerous doctors came out against outlawing circumcision. Circumcision has proven health benefits.

Science Daily reported that

“Johns Hopkins infectious disease experts say the medical benefits for male circumcision are clear and that efforts in an increasing number of states (currently 18) to not provide Medicaid insurance coverage for male circumcision, as well as an attempted ballot initiative in San Francisco earlier this year to ban male circumcision in newborns and young boys, are unwarranted. Moreover, they say these actions ignore the last decade of medical evidence that the procedure can substantially protect men and their female partners from certain sexually transmitted infections.

The Johns Hopkins experts argue that implementing policy or financial barriers to safe circumcision could potentially disadvantage people most in need of publicly financed services to improve their health. These groups include minorities and the poor, among whom sexually transmitted infection rates are often the highest.”…

Circumcision is a religious rite of Jewish and Muslim religions and banning it would be a serious intrusion on their religious beliefs.

How much freedom are people willing to surrender to the minority groups plaguing every imaginable belief system?



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