This Is What Happens When a Government Is Allowed to Shut Down Free Speech



Maria Alyokhina selfie as she was being taken away in a prison van

Two former members of the protest band, Pussy Riot, have been arrested in the Russian resort of Sochi, quite a distance from where the Olympics are taking place.

This arrest was for “suspicion of a crime”, possibly theft. They have been detained several times since they arrived at the resort where they performed their new song, Putin Will Teach You to Love Your Motherland, which is a song about political repression in Russia.

Nedezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokihina were released from prison in December after serving two years for hooliganism – they staged a protest performance in a Russian cathedral.

Nedezhda described Sochi as a “police town.”

Both women work for Amnesty International now and are no longer members of Pussy Riot. They are traveling the world and recounting stories of brutality in the Russian prisons including hunger, physical abuse, subzero temperatures, and forced gynecological exams.

They can rest assured that they will not have their freedom if they continue to speak freely in this brutal authoritarian regime. Why is NBC extolling Putin and Russia during the Olympics? Are they nuts?

Look at the results of collectivism and consider carefully the direction the United States is moving in.

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