This Is What Happens When USPS Is Late Delivering Packages


mailman attacked“A group of teens stepped in front of the USPS vehicle and blocked it from moving; they then attacked the postal worker and began punching him,” Baton Rouge Crime reported.

One teen has been arrested and the police are looking for four others. They could be charged with a federal crime for stopping the mail delivery.

No one tried to stop this. Observers just laughed and took cellphone pictures.

At least the mailman was a bada$$ who could handle himself.

Where are the parents of these teens? Where’s Al Sharpton?



  1. charges should be brought against the ones who were tekeing the video on this man, a bunch of punk kids trhat need to spend some time in the workhouse not jail.

  2. Such shameful bevhaior for all concerned. The person recording the proceedings in particular. What’s wrong with neighbors allowing this to happen?

    My concern is the mailman having to continue to ‘serve’ this route. Moreover, he just might lose his job.

  3. Four on one should reach the threshold of fear for your life
    Then by the time # 1 & 2 get shot and are on their back bleeding the other two would run
    Cull the herd is the appropriate term

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