This Is What Happens When You’re the Party of Anything Goes


Big League Politics has a story up connecting Hillary Clinton to a recently exposed sex cult which we hear little about in the news. The story doesn’t provide evidence that Hillary was part of a sex cult, but what struck me is that the most perverse people really want Democrats to win. Also striking is the fact that Hillary took their money without batting an eyelash.

The cult under discussion, NXIVM, was run by rich conman Keith Raniere and B-list actress Allison Mack. They enslaved women, sex trafficked, and committed other vile and criminal acts as part of their rule over these women. It’s a very disgusting story.

This is the part of the story at Big League that is most striking:

Now, back to why mainstream media doesn’t have this story front and center every day. In 2007, the New York Post reported that top executives of NXIVM and their family members donated $29,000 to Clinton’s 2008 campaign. At the time, Clinton downplayed the contributions from NXIVM but the donations don’t stop here. Clare Bronfman, Seagram Company heiress, who has called herself the operations director of NXIVM is a repeat Clinton donor. Nancy Salzman-Rainere’s partner and President of NXIVM was also a huge donor. Salzman and both Clare and sister Sara Bronfman were allowed to become members of Bill Clinton’s organization, The Clinton Global Initiative.

This is significant considering CGI membership is by invitation only and they require a pledge of $15,000 per person each year. Senator Kristen Gillibrand, U.S. Senator for New York has also received money from Clare Bronfman, reportedly giving $2,400 to the New York Democrats’ 2010 special-election campaign. This is quite interesting considering Gillibrand is the self-proclaimed #MeToo Senator. Irony anyone? With NXIVM being founded in Albany, I find it really hard to believe Gillibrand knew nothing of the cult and saw no connection between Bronfman and NXIVM. Gillibrand’s father, Doug Retnik worked as attorney for NXIVM for around 4 short months in 2004 at the rate of $25,000 per month.

Just a few more things about Clare Bronfman worth noting: She allegedly implanted a “keylogger” virus onto the computer of her late father, Edgar M. Bronfman Sr. which allowed NXIVM officials to monitor his email exchanges with world leaders as well as, you guessed it…Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Bronfman has obtained council from Dennis Burke, who just so happens to have been appointed to a top advisory committee for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


That brings me back to a story from November, 2016 which further supports the contention that the Democratic Party has become home to some of the most disgusting people in our nation. The disregard for morals, family, religion, and traditional American values could be part of the problem.

The FBI appeared to have no intention of investigating the fact that Hillary’s emails were on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The rumor at the time was that the NYPD threatened to come forward if the FBI didn’t investigate. Many believe that is why Comey did his super-fast scrutiny and then exonerated Hillary two days before the election.

Many of the things Erik Prince told Breitbart at the time didn’t come to pass, but still, his comments about the sexual perversion involved are interesting.

Blackwater founder and retired Navy SEAL Erik Prince told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that according to one of his “well-placed sources” in the New York Police Department, the NYPD wanted to do a presser of the latest scandalous information they had but Justice pushed back aggressively.

The NYPD was investigating Weinergate when they secured a subpoena to search his laptop where they found 650,000 emails. Prince said they found State Department emails, criminal information that included money laundering and information about Hillary Clinton traveling to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island six times.

The information was allegedly so disgusting the NYPD threatened to go public. They planned to do a presser announcing warrants and the arrest when the Justice Department threatened to charge someone in the Eric Garner case.

“So NYPD first gets that computer. They see how disgusting it is. They keep a copy of everything, and they pass a copy on to the FBI, which finally pushes the FBI off their chairs, making Comey reopen that investigation, which was indicated in the letter last week. The point being, NYPD has all the information, and they will pursue justice within their rights if the FBI doesn’t,” Prince contended.

“There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs,” he stated.

Prince noted that the FBI can investigate these matters, “but they can’t convene a grand jury. They can’t file charges.”

“The prosecutors, the Justice Department has to do that,” he explained.


Democrats need to stop worrying about KKK and Socialist Nazis joining the GOP when no one would in the party ever accept them. They need to start worrying about the loss of their party to the hard-left and the perverse.


Ironically, Valerie Jarrett is fundraising on Roseanne’s tweet and firing. The tweet claimed VJ was the result of a union between The Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. It was a really bad joke but Roseanne said she thought Jarrett is white. It’s also true that many people didn’t know Jarrett was Black. DNA testing showed VJ is 49 percent European and 46 percent African.

VJ is fundraising off it and this is what the party of Samantha Cee and Harvey Weinstein wrote:

President Obama often says that “if you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”

It’s not always easy. It’s far from guaranteed that you will be able to make as much progress as you want. There are days when we’re reminded so clearly that we have not yet reached our destination, and that is why we have to work every day to treat our fellow citizens with dignity and civility.

The culture that we’re creating and the interactions we have with our fellow citizens each day are influenced by those who we elect to represent us.

When we elect people that continually demean others — those of another race, or religion, or gender, or identity, or sexual orientation — and reach for an America in the past instead of one in the future, the results hurt us all.

Democrat phonies have made all on the right into marginalized people by painting them all with one brush. And they did it with evil intent.

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