This Is What New York City Communism Looks Like



De Blasio was  a strong supporter of the violent Sandanistas – Nicaraguan communists – and he has never disavowed them. He hasn’t changed over the years. He and his hand-picked team act like Marxist revolutionaries living in a fifth world dictatorship.

De Blasio has developed some of the refinements needed to make him viable in a free society and he hides behind the euphemistic label of a Progressive, but, make no mistake, he’s a rampaging Marxist who plans to bring his brand of radical politics to New York.

De Blasio won his election with his Tale of Two Cities rhetoric pointing to the growing gap between rich and poor, a gap widened by Democrats and corruption in New York City.

From unions to education to traffic lights, Bill de Blasio plans to bring his brand of authoritarianism to New York City.

He may have the best of motives, I don’t know and frankly I don’t care. That would be irrelevant. It’s about what effect he will have on the country’s financial capital.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has reserved billions for back pay to be paid to union workers whose contracts have been left unsettled by former Mayor Bloomberg. If all city union workers were to receive back pay, it would come to about $8 billion. Add to that the increased costs of the wages and benefits and it quickly becomes obvious that higher taxes will be needed to pay for it all.

While de Blasio is planning increased spending, New York City debt is skyrocketing.

Front Page Magazine reviewed reports from the Citizens Budget Commission and The Independent Budget Office in 2013 and came up with these startling facts:

When Bloomberg took office in 2002, the city’s debt was $55.2 billion. By 2013, it was $110 billion.

Pension expenses increased by 519% since 2002, accounting for a chunk of the debt and the spending involved.

Salaries and wages tripled between 2001 and 2013, while the number of employees dropped. Like Detroit, New York City will soon discover it cannot afford a ruling government employee class.

That was then with liberal Mayor Bloomberg, and this is now with a communist Mayor de Blasio.

De Blasio is behind the UPKNYC, which is supposed to be a grassroots movement of parents and teachers pushing for universal pre-K, a democratic redistribution scheme. Governor Cuomo offered to use available tax dollars to fund the city’s universal pre-K but de Blasio went to war with Cuomo over it. De Blazio insists that the taxes be raised on the top 1.4% of wage earners to pay for universal pre-K. It’s about ideology for him.

State Senate co-leader Dean Skelos said he will not allow this tax to get to the floor and de Blasio responded by saying there would be a “profound fight” over it. He even made it into a life-and-death issue, saying, “People have to feel like this is about their survival and their children’s survival — because in fact it is.”

Life and death?

De Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, an admitted policy-setter in the mayoral mansion, said this about the unaffordable universal pre-K: “Make no mistake, this is the defining civil rights issue of our day,”  as she spoke to 200 cheering African-American clergy members at a Baptist church in Brooklyn.

Civil rights issue?

De Blasio’s School Chancellor Carmen Farina diverted $210 million that had been planned for building new charter schools to expanding the city’s pre-kindergarten program. De Blasio has declared war on charter schools.

He does not support choice, he supports unions, he wants less testing and teacher accountability, and he is an advocate for Common Core. Common Core has the potential for endless political indoctrination, and by turning children over to the government on the pre-K level, he gets to expand the opportunity for exactly that.

De Blasio is obsessed with making the streets safe, so much so that he wants to reduce default speed limits throughout New York City and the five Boroughs to 25 mph. He wants speed and red light cameras everywhere.  “We fought long and hard to begin to put in the speed cameras we need, we need many more,” de Blasio has said. He asked New York State to relinquish control of traffic camera policies to the city so he can get moving on his continual monitoring of every motorist and pedestrian in his city.

His goal is “zero” deaths even though it will mean surveilling the populace day and night.

Over the weekend, a pal of de Blasio’s got himself in trouble. Bishop Orlando Findlayter was stopped for a traffic violation and was found to have outstanding warrants related to protests. De Blasio called police commissioner William Bratton. Findlayter was released and given an appearance ticket, though both de Blasio and Bratton said the call had no influence whatsoever. Bratton said, “I call my people any time I want. I call his people any time I want,” Bratton said. “You need a free flow of communication in government, so I have no issue whatsoever with him calling anybody in my staff or his people calling people in my staff.”

For a man who preaches equality, he seems to believe in unequal justice.

De Blasio has been feting business leaders in an effort to keep them in New York but while this is going on, he is raising funds for New York Communities for Change aka ACORN.

In December of last year, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of NoisyRoom reported on a fundraiser he headlined for the leftist New York Communities for Change. The Communication Workers of America spokesman Chris Shelton used the opportunity to advocate for a “revolution” against “bankers, billionaire (sic) and brokers of Wall Street.”

De Blasio is an occupier at heart. In fact, his City Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Vivierto, stood with the occupiers.

De Blasio claims to not be in support of legalizing marijuana but he wants to eliminate the penalties for possession of at least small amounts. “I want a law passed in Albany that would end it and I would instruct the NYPD right now (to) stop arresting people for displays of small amounts. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t make us safer.”

When de Blasio formed his transition team, he excluded priests from the transition team though he included Imams and representatives from other religions. When a suggestion was made to add a Republican to the team, de Blasio laughed.

At least he is not putting up any false pretenses about what he stands for.

His transition team did include a Muslim, Zakiyah Ansar, who shares his views on pretty much every issue. She was presented with an award recently. Joelle Fishman, Chair of CPUSA’s Political Action Commission was the presenter and made this pronouncement: “I am very honored and excited to be here today at the Better World Awards to share your celebration of the great election victory in New York that has captured the attention of the entire country.” CPUSA of course stands for Communist Party USA.

CPUSA’s magazine People’s World celebrated the “joy of a new day for New York” and the glistening opportunity for “change” upon de Blasio’s election. In one article from CPUSA, as reported by American Thinker, de Blasio’s victory, they said, “offered new hope that a national progressive shift on tackling the wealth and racial inequities plaguing our country’s cities is in the making.”

We are about to find out exactly what that means as we chug along down the track to Detroit.


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