This Is What Oberlin Learned After the $44 Million Judgement


After the final judgment came in on the Gibson bakery decision, and an award of $44 million was handed down against the far-left university, Oberlin surely learned something, right? Uh, no, they didn’t.

On Saturday, the New York Times reports that Oberlin’s president has confirmed that they will continue to fight truth and justice:

In an email to the Oberlin community on Friday, Carmen Twillie Ambar, the college president, said that the case was far from over, and that “none of this will sway us from our core values.”

Oberlin’s core values are to reject the truth and have total disregard for the fact that their students lied and defamed innocent bakers.

If you don’t know the story, three years ago, a boy, a student at Oberlin, tried to buy liquor with a fake ID and the owner’s son denied the sale. The boy, who was with some friends, then tried to steal it. The owner’s son confronted him. The shoplifter and his friends proceeded to kick and punch him. The police came and arrested them for shoplifting.

That should have been the end of it, but no, there was a problem — the boys are black. That led to unbelievable abuse, from protests in front of the store to vile articles falsely accusing the owners of decades of racism. None of that was true, even the petty thieves said they were not profiled and they did confess.

A Dean at the university encouraged the non-stop attempts to destroy the business. They almost succeeded. The owners stopped taking a salary and had to fire most of their employees.


The Times writes of the outrageous claim by the university in their defense:

Oberlin tried to distance itself from the protesters in court papers, saying it should not be held responsible for their actions. It blamed the store for bringing its problems on itself.

“Gibson bakery’s archaic chase-and-detain policy regarding suspected shoplifters was the catalyst for the protests,” the college said. “The guilt or innocence of the students is irrelevant to both the root cause of the protests and this litigation.”

The catalyst was the owners detaining shoplifters??? They are serious! It’s archaic to chase and detain?

Oberlin is one school that people might want to avoid. They don’t care about truth or justice and they think it’s escalation if an owner catches a thief in his store. Maybe the students should refrain from paying that archaic tuition. Obviously, no one would chase them down, it would be so archaic.


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