This Is What the New Democrat Party Is Proposing


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is receiving a lot of support for her radical ideas, and she is the face of the new Democratic Party as DNC chair Tom Perez has stated. She discussed some of her ideas last evening on ’60 Minutes’ with a star-struck Anderson Cooper. He gave her a hall pass on all of the extremist ideas she spewed. Here are a few:

  • She wants 100 percent power through renewable energy in twelve years
  • Retrofitting of every residential and industrial building energy-efficient by green energy
  • Basic communist income program
  • Hire millions more government workers, put everyone on the government payroll, for a growing dependency on centralized government.
  • Universal healthcare for all

Let us not forget the new Democrats want to abolish ICE and prisons.

Hardcore leftists currently run the Democratic Party. Their ideas are all old ideas, and they have failed for more than one hundred years.

This is where we are headed when Democrats are back in power. It won’t happen now because Democrats first need to have all the power in a one-party United States.

These ideas are the same ones Barack Obama proposed more subtly than radical Alexandria.


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