Climate Summit Is A Bust But Obama Did Get to Insult Us Again



A total of about 50,000 people traveled 9,000 miles each to the Climate Summit in Paris, adding 300,000 tons of carbon emissions to the atmosphere which is 23 times more than the average American in one year, to discuss cutting carbon emissions, the magazine Wired reported. How ironic!

The outcome of this negotiation will be insignificant and Republicans have nothing to worry about.


China and India won’t cooperate and each nation looks like they will make their own unilateral agreements. Obama wants legally-binding agreements when he himself has no right to do so because the Congress has not given him that authority.

It won’t stop the EPA of course.

Barack Obama is still telling the tall tale about there being fish in the streets of Miami because of high tide when it rains even though that has been debunked by the National Weather Service. It was one of Al Gore’s inventions.

A lethargic Obama boasted that he is responsible for carbon reduction though he’s not.

Here we are “showing up in Paris with pretty ambitious targets for carbon reduction,” he said. “Most people would have said you’re crazy, that’s a pipe dream. And, yet, here we are, that’s already happened,” Obama declared as if he was somehow responsible.

It happened despite him thanks to fracking, the real source of the reduction of carbon emissions. Oren Cass of The Manhattan Institute has shown that for every ton of carbon dioxide cut by solar power, fracking has cut 13 tons.

Solar represents less than 1% of US electricity generation. Wind and solar power combined generated less electricity in the first half of 2015 than in 2014 and the investment in the industry has been flat for five years domestically and internationally according to the Institute.

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions have fallen a great deal since they peaked in 2007 but the biggest cause is the fracking-led natural gas boom. While solar reduced CO2 emissions by 1%, natural gas reduced it by 20%.

Growth in wind and solar power has consistently fallen since 2008. Global investment has declined as well.

Here’s a clip of what Obama said today.

While in Paris, where they just suffered a terror attack, he said climate change presents as much of a threat or more as terrorism does.

When he spoke about ISIS, he said climate change is what causes terrorism to thrive and grow, adding that he will cut off their resources. He added that these mass shootings don’t happen in other countries, just two weeks after a major mass shooting in Paris. OOPS!

Barack Obama insulted the US before the world yet again and said the US must show leadership in this area. We define our leadership by sending troops around the globe, according to him. In other words, we are only defined as warmongers. Nice thing to tell the world.


Obama thinks Putin “will come around” and agree to dump Assad. Lots of luck with that and why does Obama insist on that? He’ll be replaced with some new horror who could be worse.

Russia is hitting our so-called allies in Syria but Obama thinks he’ll “come around.”

Obama did admit he’s getting nowhere with Putin.

Also laughably, he told Turkey to close their border to Syria to keep terrorists out. Would someone please ask him why he won’t close our borders to keep terrorists and drug cartels out. We’re not trying to keep out landscapers and maids, we like them, he’s the only one who thinks that.

He’s confident that the next president will be a Democrat. He has faith in the American people. He thinks he knows our values too.


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