This Is What’s In the New GOP Immigration Bill


NBC News reports the new GOP immigration bill will prevent the separation of parents and children at the border as they come over illegally. It also eliminates the diversity lottery and includes $25 billion for border security.

It will protect 1.8 million illegal aliens who were brought here as children. The text will be written this week.

Liberal Republicans pushing a petition for several awful immigration bills have agreed to let two bills come to the floor first next week. One is the Goodlatte conservative bill and the other is this compromise bill.

Speaker Ryan said he has been working with the White House and the President is in agreement.

RINO Republican Reps Curbelo and Denham, who launched the discharge petition, said that the compromise bill would reflect Trump”s four pillars on immigration — border security, addressing DACA, scrapping the diversity visa lottery and ending family-based migration — both declined to offer additional details beyond the general idea that it would address the Dreamers.

The discharge will still come to the floor if one of the bills does not pass. The Goodlatte bill will likely not pass.

The 1.8 million who win amnesty could move the electoral majority left.



  1. Don’t bring one damned bill to the floor! Enough of this B/S! No stinking amnesty! If we can’t get anything done the right way, what the hell is the difference? If we lose the midterms, the left will only lib up any bill that passes. So why put through a crap sandwich now? Seems to me it’s putting the cart before the horse.

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