This Is Who the Satanic Abortion Doctor Is


We included in a recent article a video of a Satanic-sounding doctor whose video has been making the rounds as leftist-controlled states pass extreme abortion laws. As it turns out, the doctor, Robert Santella had to give up his license after that exhibition which took place in 2017. It was the last straw in a series of events.

Robert Santella admitted unprofessional conduct after his Satanic confrontation with an anti-abortion protester and surrendered his license.

The longtime San Diego physician closed his medical practice in 2017 and did not challenge accusations of gross negligence in patient care, and unprofessional conduct, during an altercation outside a local abortion clinic.

There is a 25-page accusation filed July 17 against Dr. Robert Santella. The Medical Board claimed Santella over-prescribed narcotics to six patients and botched an abortion on another patient.

Former doctor Santella also didn’t keep adequate records on patients. For example, he was routinely giving injections of Demerol and Fentanyl to a sick patient without keeping any progress notes.

His behavior outside the clinic was his final Waterloo and he turned in his license in 2017.


  1. He is dead, he died one year after this video was made. His family stated the he died “unexpectedly”. Which is code for drug overdose or suicide. I posted a copy of this video link on his memorial page online, but they took it down the first time, I’ll try again.

  2. It may be time to take the law in our own hands. If murder isn’t a crime then why bother pretending we’re a lawful country. My God, no wonder Muslims hate us. We kill babies, we legalize homosexuality and same sex marriages, and promote untruths and anti-Christianism. Our nation seems bereft of any goodness anymore and our people have become weak in every possible way. I am becoming ashamed to even call myself American anymore because it doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore except vileness.

    • “no wonder Muslims hate us” Why would you use followers of Islam as a standard of morality and decency? Have you ever read their Quran or Hadith? Islam is a godless anti-Christ religion which denies the deity of Jesus. Islam’s Allah is not our God of Creation, but a figment of imagination of the demonically influenced Muhammad and his naive followers. Islam allows marriage of adult men to child brides. Homosexuality and pedophilia are rampant among followers of Islam, and Christians are beheaded for not denying Christ. The ultimate example of “untruths” is the Quran itself, the false prophet Muhammad’s twisted rewrite of the Old and New Testaments. If you are ashamed of America, perhaps you would feel more at home in Mecca.

  3. During WWII (for you liberals that know absolutely nothing about history, WWII is World War Two, not World War Eleven), the Nazi SS performed medical experiments on and murdered hundreds if not thousands of young children, from babies to teenagers, by throwing them alive into fire pits. Those that were able to try and crawl out were thrown back in. This parallels the left and the DemocRATs that want to murder any baby that survives a botched abortion, even a baby carried to term and delivered alive.

  4. Abortion after the formation of a baby is sin, unlawful, immoral, murder, criminal for any religion, especially for Christians. Unfortunately, the laws and legislation when allowing it to happen are stupid; by beating a dog someone goes to prison; while aborting a child; no prison.

    How far we advanced, & how far we went backward. We all have the responsibility to change the laws in favor of the defenseless unborn child. God punishes those who will not defend the unborn child.
    God loves those who will defend the unborn child. They will have a place in heaven

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