This Is Why Antonio Brown Was Cut by the New England Patriots


The New England Patriots released Antonio Brown Friday afternoon after Sports Illustrated (SI) reported he sent threatening text messages to one of his sexual assault accusers that included images of her children.

Brown made unwanted advances toward her in his home. She had been hired to paint a mural of him, but he “ghosted” her after she rebuffed him.


Wednesday night, Brown texted the woman with images of her children and on Thursday the woman’s lawyer sent a letter including screen captures of those message to the NFL asking them to make it stop as she was frightened. His texts to her that also copied others claimed that she made the allegations for money.

The texter described the artist as a “super broke girl” and asked someone he refers to as “Eric B” to “look up her background history.” He then sent a screenshot of an Instagram photo she had posted showing the faces of her young children, adding “those her kids… she’s awful broke clearly.”

It came from the number Brown uses to communicate with his lawyer, who said he never told Brown to do this.

He was signed on September 9th after he pushed the Oakland Raiders into releasing him over bad behavior. Reports are that he wanted to play for the Patriots and that’s why he gave Oakland a hard time.

He is currently facing rape allegations but denies all charges. Antonio is reported to have mental problems.

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