This Is Why “Auntie Maxine” Is the “Rock Star” of the Democrat Party


Maxine Waters, the Democrat Party “rock star”, knows how to bash opponents, that’s her strong suit. She also does a great job obfuscating facts. She battered Dr. Ben Carson this week to separate him from the President and she won accolades from her followers for it.

Basically what she did was put words in the President’s mouth and in Dr. Carson’s.

President Trump tweeted that Puerto Rico will have to also address their problems at some time because FEMA, the first responders, can’t be there forever. That’s fact but of course he won’t abandon them.

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States that looks nothing like the U.S. and more closely resembles a Third World country.

They need more help than Texas or Florida for that reason. Their infrastructure was a complete disaster before the two hurricanes. Now they want to build a state of the art system but mainland taxpayers will have to pay for it because Puerto Rico is deeply in debt, partly because of a very corrupt government.

Left-wingers are blaming President Trump for the fact that Puerto Rico is still without power over much of the island three weeks after the storm but they fail to mention the original condition of the island. Money lines the pockets of corrupt officials and does not go to things like infrastructure. We see it in the States as well in cities but not to the same extent.

It’s a tempest in a teapot really because no one will abandon PR while it doesn’t have power.

The plain fact is that the FBI is currently investigating profiteer mayors and their staffs who are absconding with supplies meant for those in need. Trump’s tweets were meant for the officials, not the needy.

Maxine is the “rock star” because she provides sound bites the media can use to trash Republicans and she does it well. She grilled the mild-mannered, non-combative HUD secretary Dr. Ben Carson and ended by putting words in his mouth.

“Auntie” was lauded on Twitter for keeping her feet on their necks. Maxine is ultimately dishonest because she won’t tell the entire story and her only role is to serve as an attack dog for a party overwhelmed with hate for the right.

In the video, she begins with a false premise – the President said he will abandon Puerto Rico – and she ends by putting words in Dr. Carson’s mouth.

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