This Is Why Republicans Should Find RFK Jr Unelectable


Bad Hombre posted some of RFK Jr.’s stances on key issues. If you are on the right and would like to vote for him, guess what? You’re a radical, far-left Democrat! Check out the receipts showing he’s not being honest about what he believes and will do as president.

RFK, Jr.’s latest abortion stance of no limits:  RFK Jr on the 15-Week Federal Abortion Ban

RFK Jr’s tweets calling the NRA terrorist organization:  RFK Jr on hating the NRA

RFK Jr.’s support for reparations: Reparations.

RFK Jr. supporting policies to drive up the cost of gas to $12+ gallon to eliminate gas cars: Eliminate gas cars

RFK Jr. calling for the law to prosecute “climate change deniers”: Punish Global Warming Skeptics

RFK Jr supporting government-backed mortgages:  Government Mortgaging and his crazy plan to destroy the American Dream.

RFK Jr. supports a National ‘smart grid’ that can remotely shut off personal appliances: He wants to remotely shut off your personal appliances.

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