This Is Why Speaker Pelosi Agreed to Impeach


Tucker Carlson wanted answers as to why the Speaker would agree to this when the President will not be removed by the Senate. He also wondered why so few could have so much power. He got the answers to his questions.


Tucker Carlson asked Representative Lee Zeldin why the House is running with this impeachment. It really is a terrible idea and certainly won’t result in the removal of the President.

Tucker asked why they are doing it. Rep. Zeldin said the impeachment is a payback to their “rabid activist base.”

He believes the far-left took over the Democrat conference and Nancy Pelosi “got rolled.”

Tucker doesn’t understand why so few, like the squad, have so much power. Rep. Zeldin explained there are more than a few. The Long Island representative said you also have people like Maxine Waters and Al Green and several dozen others who have called for the President’s impeachment for more than two-and-a-half years.

The middle of America wanted their representatives to work with the President, and they won’t be pleased with this. There will be a price to pay.

Fortunately, Pelosi finally voted for USMCA since she realized she couldn’t send these Freshmen home without a win, Zeldin said.

Democrats can’t charge someone and then just say they’re not bringing the case forward. The arrogance and hatred are remarkable.

Over 100 Democrats voted to impeach nearly three years ago, long before this latest so-called crime. They went to D.C. to fulfill a vendetta and wanted to impeach him, so they looked for a crime ala Lavrentiy Beria.

In this clip, Laura Ingraham says if the Republicans take back the House, they need to retract the impeachment.

This is a travesty.

If the link above doesn’t work, watch it here:

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Matt Frihart
Matt Frihart
3 years ago

I have a different theory because that same dem base has been talking impeachment since day 1 and even nancy has said they’ve been trying for nearly 3 years. This has 3 points to it psychology, reality, financial. She got put between a rock and a hard place politically.

psychology: Nancy has wanted to impeach any republican, she wanted to impeach bush as well, and trump was a no brainer for her to want to impeach personally, given his abrasiveness to the left (even though if they had given him half the chance he would have been quite pleasant to work with). Regardless, she’s wanted revenge for Clinton for a long time as have all the old-time democrats. They simply could not let go of the fact that the most recent president to be impeached was bill clinton, it was inexcusable in their eyes. However for the dem faithful, its all about the rhetoric, they’re committed because these old timers led them to be so. This eventually leads to the hard place third part of the axiom.

2 reality: Nancy knew from the get go the Russian/Trump tie was a lie and was going to need some serious spinning to get that impeachment off the ground. Mueller failed in that respect, despite their best efforts. At this point she knew, short of a smoking gun, despite all of the previous rhetoric, there was no legal way to impeach the president. This is what one would call the “rock” of that axiom.

3 financial: the DNC is hemorrhaging cash left and right and has no real solid financial base to run a national election, they overspent on special elections in their zeal to give trump losses and have all but dumped the middle income worker under obama (dumbest move he ever made btw, of all the stupid ones) as a source to recoup funding…… this leaves the billionaires and millionaires as the only ones left to fund a national election. Having so few sources for fundraising leave you open to influence of the few, the same few whom rely on your rhetoric when it comes to party direction. Hence the hard place. Now, in order to obtain party funding she had to go forward with impeachment and what will ultimately lead the party off the cliff.

this whole thing is entirely of nancy’s making based upon 20+ years of rhetoric……. by fanning the flames of lunacy, the lunatics eventually got hold of the purse strings. Now the question becomes, how long until the lunatics are sufficiently humbled?

btw this is also part of a larger democrat party cycle, one that relies upon emotion. will the republicans take advantage of the democrats obvious weakness? trump will, the rest of the party, who knows.

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
3 years ago

Another great point was made about Nancy’s impeachment decision. She did it just before the filing deadline for congressional elections. Any dem who wanted to vote against impeachment was vulnerable to a challenger. Notice that the MSM will not report that Nancy was twisting their arms.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Tragically this impeachment “charade” was perpetrated to play to the corrupt Main Stream Fake Media whose audience is either too lazy or stupid to follow the proceedings themselves and totally rely on them, the MSM, for their (mis)information, You may have noticed that said MSM diligently “reported on” the statements of the ‘hearsay/opinion mongering witnesses and the spurious utterances of the gavel wielding “politburo” chief of the proceedings but studiously ignored the cross examinations that literally “shredded” their, the witnesses, testimony(?). Hence the already uninformed were treated to only half of the equation…”half a truth IS a whole lie”…

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Good point, remember almost 60 Democrats refused to attend inauguration of Trump,also bear in mind with each few legislation that is passed in the House, she is adding liberal poison pills.