This One Justice Is Rumored to Be a Top Pick


The left-wing leadership is out trashing the leading contenders for the Supreme Court vacancy. They have been especially harsh on the “very Catholic” Amy Barrett and on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

There are two other strong contenders they will have to bash. One, in particular, is being rumored to be the number one choice — Judge Raymond Kethledge. The Daily Caller says they have inside information and were told his interview was very strong.

Bloomberg also reported that Trump was impressed with Kethledge.

Pressure is said to be building from lobbyists and all the different camps. The Democrats don’t like anyone and predict doom. Even though it is hardly likely, they predict the end of Roe v. Wade. It is more likely it will be limited and the fascists at Planned Parenthood will be curtailed.

There is also talk of ending Obamacare. A new system would be better.

Kethledge worked for GOP Sen. Spencer Abraham, served as in-house counsel at the Ford Motor Co. and spent several years in private practice. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and he clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy.

If he’s another Kennedy, that would not be good.

Don’t forget that Justices Thomas and Alito are old and, not to be morbid, but they could die when a Democrat is in office.

The Daily Caller indicates he is NOT another on the fence Justice like Kennedy:

Kethledge has also expressed fidelity to originalism, a method championed by the late Justice Antonin Scalia through which the Constitution is interpreted according to the original meaning of its text. In a December 2017 lecture at Vanderbilt Law School, he described the goal of constitutional interpretation as discovering “the meaning that the citizens bound by the law would have ascribed to it at the time it was approved.”

He also joined an opinion in March 2018 that opened with a direct invocation of originalism.

“Faithful adherence to the Constitution and its amendments requires us to examine their terms as they were commonly understood when the text was adopted and ratified, rather than applying meaning derived years later that may weaken constitutional rights,” the opinion reads.

He is described as all substance.

The right isn’t buying it and says he is a “closet liberal” and is the same type of Trojan Horse Kennedy turned out to be.

It is said that the Democrat senators in red states have voted to support Trump’s pick, but they don’t want someone who will void Roe v. Wade.


Brett Kavanaugh is also a top pick. He is a reliable constitutional conservative. That is what everyone should want — someone who adheres to our rule of law. Constitutionalists and other conservatives don’t want the President to gamble — pick a sure thing and he is.

Amul Thapar is also still in the top four of Trump’s picks.

U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Amul Thapar is the first American of Indian or Asian descent to be nominated. Thapar, a native of Troy, Michigan, is a shining example of the success of the four-million-strong Indian-American community, which now has the highest median household income in the country, Fox News reports.

Judge Thapar is a favorite of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, going back to when the 49-year-old Thapar was appointed U.S. Attorney in Kentucky a dozen years ago.   “I think he’s absolutely brilliant, with the right temperament,” McConnell told reporters over the weekend. The legal community supports him, even in Democrat precincts [which could be a bad thing]. They say he is fair and tough which is what we want.

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