This Week’s Big Loser! Think Progress Is Shutting Down


The smear machine Think Progress is shutting down (sort of), according to The Daily Beast.  It is funded in part by George Soros.

They will be missed as much as a canker sore. They call themselves progressive but they’re mostly a far-left loony outfit whose major goal is to slime the opposition.

They don’t make money and have been running deficits for years.

The organization tried to secure a buyer/patron but got nowhere. Now, they’re planning to reinvent it. Let’s hope they fail to do so.

Unfortunately, the website will still exist, but not as an independent smear machine. It will be governed by the Soros Center for American Progress (CAP). There’s really no difference between Think Progress and CAP.

“Given that we could find no new publisher, we have no other real option but to fold the ThinkProgress website back into CAP’s broader online presence with a focus on analysis of policy, politics, and news events through the lens of existing CAP and CAP Action staff experts,” said Nayak. “Conversations on how to do so are just beginning, but we will seek to reinvent it as a different platform for progressive change.

The staff has already been laid off or transferred elsewhere in the CAP system.

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