Thousands in the US Are Under ISIS Influence But Let’s Carry On About Deflated Footballs


Americans are more outraged about Tom Brady and deflated footballs than they are about ISIS. Yes, deflategate is a concern, and if Tom Brady lied about it, that’s even worse, but we have a president who lies to us every day and we have an existential threat growing within our country that is not being stamped out.

FBI Director James Comey said Thursday there are “hundreds, maybe thousands” of people across the country who are receiving recruitment overtures from the terrorist group or directives to attack the U.S.

ISIS attracts every criminal, every mentally diseased person, every evil person and there are plenty of them in the U.S.

Comey said the Islamic State, also known as ISIL and ISIS, is leveraging social media in unprecedented ways through Twitter and other platforms, directing messages to the smartphones of “disturbed people” who could be pushed to launch assaults on U.S. targets.

“It’s like the devil sitting on their shoulders, saying ‘kill, kill, kill,”’ Comey said in a meeting with reporters.

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The FBI director’s comments followed the attack in Garland, Texas.

Hours before the attempted Garland attack, FBI agents sent a bulletin to local authorities indicating that Simpson may have been interested in traveling there from Phoenix to attend the conference featuring controversial cartoon depictions of the prophet Mohammed. Oddly, Comey also said the police did not seem to be aware.

One has to wonder why the police didn’t know the bulletin was tied to the Garland event and it is unknown why the FBI didn’t make a phone call, especially since they allegedly had boots on the ground.

ISIS is using our own social media, rap music and so on to recruit.

USA Today reported that Bruce Hoffman, a longtime terrorism analyst and director of Georgetown University’s Center for Peace and Security Studies, said in a recent interview that ISIL’s multifaceted outreach and leveraging of social media is threatening to “outpace the government’s capabilities across the intelligence community.”

“It’s like the Dutch boy sticking his fingers in the dike,” Hoffman said.

Comey said, “The haystack is the entire country. We are looking for the needles, but increasingly the needles are unavailable to us. … This is the ‘going dark’ problem in living color. There are Elton Simpsons out there that I have not found and I cannot see,” USA Today reported.

Comey said agents are working hundreds of investigations around the country involving suspected homegrown violent extremists.The director said the inquiries are open in all 56 of the FBI’s field divisions.

“ISIL is a very popular fad among a lot of disturbed people,” he said.

ISIL/ISIS claims that they have 71 soldiers in 23 states.

In October of last year, Comey said the Khorasan group, an al Qaeda group separate and apart from ISIS, will strike us very soon.

Earlier this year, Comey warned that ISIS is operating in all 50 states.

The question should be asked, why are we allowing unfettered immigration of Muslims from terrorists countries?

Many of those who are recruited are immigrants, first generation, or naturalized.

Our government might want to reconsider their attacks on our Second Amendment as well. We will need our guns.


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