Thousands of Non-Citizens Cast Thousands of Votes in Virginia


Foreigners are getting on the voter rolls and voting in our elections thanks to the Motor Voter law.

A new report released by the Public Interest Legal Foundation found thousands of non-citizens registered to vote in Virginia. The only reason they were caught is because they lied the first time they were asked if they were citizens but told the truth the second time when they renewed their driver’s licenses.

This is the tip of the iceberg with Motor Voter.

Governor McAuliffe and his lackeys did all they could to impede any investigation. The Democratic governor has rejected laws that would have addressed this problem.

Former U.S. Attorney, J. Christian Adams, who has been investigating, said California might be too corrupt to straighten out.

The latest study found 5,556 voters were “quietly removed” from the records for reasons related to non-citizenship “between 2011 and May 2017,” according to an advanced look at the findings provided by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). Of the total registered, one-third of unlawful voters managed to cast ballots—leading to a total of more than 7,400 illegal votes cast, according to the report.

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