Thousands of Armed Militia Head for the Bundy Ranch to Get the Cattle Back


Cliven Bundy’s plight has become a rallying cry for militias around the country. As many as 5,000 armed militia are reportedly expected to come from far and wide to the Cliven Bundy ranch in the ensuing days to protect the Bundys and to take back their cattle. They say they are not anti-government, just anti-corrupt government.

The land being fought over in southern Nevada is owned by the state of Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management only manages the land.   The federal government owns or manages 81% of Nevada’s land. It’s unfortunate no one stood up to them besides these ranchers. Where have there political representatives been all these years?

The Bundys claim they have the right to graze their cattle on the open range but a 1992 change of law says they don’t. Bundy does not recognize it. He believes he has rights passed down through his family.

The Bundys have lost their court cases to allow their cows to graze on the land freely, but as the Bundy son Amman said, to paraphrase, it’s like having your family attacked and then facing the attacker in long robes in court – they’re all the same people.

The BLM sent hundreds of heavily armed snipers to intimidate the Bundys and to steal their cattle.

The land Bundy grazes his cattle on is allegedly protected for the use of the desert tortoise. Meanwhile Russia Today reported that the environmentalists are going to euthanize 1400 of these tortoises being cared for in a protected environment.

Another interesting fact is that Harry Reid had the habitat for the tortoise moved so his friend’s ranch would not be affected.

The Bundy cattle are being stolen and some are dying and are possibly being buried in the desert.

The militia heading for the ranch are ready for a standoff with the government. They want the government intrusion stopped.

In a town hall meeting last night in Moapa, Nevada, the farmers said that the Bundy cause is legitimate and they are afraid this government overreach will spread to Arizona and Utah.

In a video posted on offgridsurvival and below, the speaker said they will go after your land, your water..and it will reach into Utah. He said “this is bigger than Cliven Bundy” and “when Cliven decides to go back in to get his cows…and they got orders to shoot anybody that goes in there”…”them sons of a bitches will fire the next shot heard around the world and we…we will fire the rest.”



snipers pointed at militia for taking pictures

The One Million Mothers for Guns on Facebook posted this photo. The snipers are trained on the Bundy home. There were 200 – 300 of them sent against one family. The Bundys are the last ranchers remaining in southern Nevada.

The BLM has established martial law with heavily armed agents standing post throughout the area.

The BLM has suspended Free Speech in the area and is trying to corral people into so-called free speech zones miles away from the ranch. The federal government has actually banned free speech on over 600,000 acres of public land.

From a Nevada Militia page:

First Amendment Zone in Nevada

BLM designated First Amendment Zone in Clark County, Nevada


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