Thousands of Pinkos March in DC for Women’s Rights


There are a number of women’s marches taking place throughout our major cities and globally to protest Donald Trump. The one in D.C. has so far drawn as many as a hundred to hundred-and-fifty thousand at the time of posting though they claim a half million. It’s not hard to find a a half million communists and socialists to march in a country that voted for Barack Obama twice and almost voted in Hillary Clinton with Bernie as a close runner-up.

They are part of what they are calling The Resistance. Many of their signs bear the clenched communist fist.

These women’s groups are nothing more than Marxists playing identity politics. They don’t care about women or they would oppose the abuse, rape, slavery, killing of women throughout the world. They would stop whining about their “human rights” allegedly being abused in a country where women are treated as equals.

This is nothing more than a Democrat Party continuing the campaign. Unfortunately the party has moved to the hard left. It’s a rerun of the Clinton campaign.

Kamala Harris as attorney general hid the personal information of criminal illegal aliens — gang members — so they could be protected from deportation.

Crazy Ashley Judd talks Nazis and Hitler and accuses all opponents of transphobia, ignorance, white privilege, Islamophobia, racism, and on and on. She got all poetic about Trump bathing in Cheetos dust. She has a lot of hate in her.

Communist Michael Moore says he and his leftist people are the majority. They attempt to end the “Trump carnage”.

Trump wants to close the borders, stop the killings in the inner city, not go to war with Russia and stop ISIS.

The women they won’t fight for are these women.

The unhinged socialist Elizabeth Warren is going to “fight back”. She wore a Planned Parenthood scarf to the Inaugural yesterday. The baby-parts dealers are money launderers for the Democratic Party. She also yelled “black lives matter’. Black lives matter is a communist hate group funded by George Soros and others on the hard left trying to fundamentally transform the nation.

She’s very concerned about the “power of women” while she does her best to castrate men.

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bill gullen
bill gullen
7 years ago

if i were the new president i would tweet this out:
“to all the protestors across our great country exercising their 1st amendment rights to send a strong message to washington; i hear you. and if any of you used your cellphones today, so did my nsa…” 😉