Threats of Articles of Impeachment All Over the Place


We reported earlier today that Rod Rosenstein leaked through friends to NBC News that he is ready to be fired. He even virtue-signaled by quoting MLK Jr. saying, “Here I stand”. The self-righteous bureaucrat might not get fired after all. He might get impeached instead. There is no more deserving buffoon than Rod.

On another front, an upstart Democrat representative, hoping to make a name for himself, will introduce articles of impeachment if President Trump fires Rosenstein.

Crazy Al Green will also file articles of impeachment if Trump fires Mueller. He also wants to impeach him for tweets.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders called Rosenstein and Comey “two peas in a pod.”

Meanwhile, Comey and his gossip book [with no new revelations] is the subject of ridicule memes and morphed photos, like this one which claims to be the original book cover:

FBI agents are also not happy given the fact it’s a trashy book and it makes them look trashy.

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