Three Awful Moves Obama Can Make While In Cuba

Cuba Today
Cuba Today

Barack Obama is planning to vacation in Cuba next month. He said Thursday he would travel to Cuba next month “to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of the Cuban people.”

What about the lives of Americans? He has not focused on that. He is the president of the leftist world.

Three things are on the line: redistribution, GITMO, and violating the Constitution by circumventing Congress and then there is always the surprise. Perhaps he will make a deal that affects one of our rights under the Bill of Rights.

Since I posted this, the White House said they won’t put GITMO on the table so consider this an update.

The president is touting “significant progress” in resuming diplomatic relations with the communist nation in the 14 months since he announced the breakthrough with Cuban President Raul Castro.

“We still have differences with the Cuban government that I will raise directly. America will always stand for human rights around the world,” Obama said on Twitter.

There has been absolutely no progress at all. In fact, there are stories of Castro imprisoning more of their rebellious people.

When Obama said he will improve the lives of the Cuban people, what does he mean? He likely means he is going to start giving them our tax dollars and/or he will do all he can to empower the Castros and circumvent the embargo.

He will lie and claim they are doing something to change the lot of the peoples’ lives even though we all know they are not.

Rhodes said today that “On the U.S. side we’ve been methodically reviewing and in some cases changing our regulations to allow for more travel and commerce. And we will continue to do so in the weeks leading up to the trip.”

That is a nod to avoiding the embargo only Congress can end.

The US will continue to give to these totalitarian, communist leaders based on hope alone. As Rhodes said – it’s “what we would like to see.”

Rhodes continued:

“With respect to the Cubans, what we would like to see is that, you know, they are taking the types of steps that allow those regulatory changes to take hold, that allow U.S. Businesses to start — in ways that benefit the Cuban people that allow for, again, greater opportunity and access to information for the Cuban people. So, again, it’s not as specific as the process we had with the Vatican in terms of the commitments that were announced on December 17th. But we do want there to be concrete progress that creates momentum for normalization, that demonstrates normalization benefits the Cuban people and the American people.”

There’s always the possibility it’s only another propagandized trip with no meaning and no results. That’s a definite possibility.


The White House has admitted that there has been a regression since Obama “saved” them. Rhodes said today, “What we do see with the government is they have continued in particular a practice of these short-term detentions that are, again, deeply concerning. The number of kind of long-term political prisoners along the lines of a number of people released around December 17 9, those types of detentions have gone down over the years and months. But what we see is this practice of short-term detentions, harassment of people seeking to express basic rights. And that’s an issue that we’ll be raising directly with the Cuban government.”


Cuba will continue to be an American tragedy as Obama spreads the wealth that feathers the nest of corrupt dictators who never give the money to the children.


Cuba Is Now An American Tragedy


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