Three Big Lies That Will Destroy America


There are three lies that will destroy the United States as we know it – amnesty, Obamacare, and deficit spending. We can’t afford any of these socialist movements.

Marco Rubio is one of the gang of eight who wrote the amnesty bill now being debated in the full Senate. He said that the Daily Caller was propagating a myth when they said the immigration bill would be 1500 pages. The bill, Rubio said, was only 844 pages.

As it happens, the bill has now swelled to over 1000 pages with amendments and it’s still growing. In addition to amendments, every clause in the bill will require separate rules be written.

Check out this now-defunct press release at

Like Obamacare, the immigration bill will be long enough to be unmanageable and unreadable.

What Rubio says is in the bill is very different from what is actually in this massive big government bill which creates endless agencies and gives power to grant citizenship to the Secretaries of Agriculture and Homeland Security.

The bill is an amnesty bill which awards “legal” status to most people here illegally within six months. Six months is not enough time to check the credentials of the “New Americans” as they are called in the bill.

“New Americans” is PC terminology and it is meant to change the way we think about open borders and the people who come here illegally.

People here illegally will be eligible for Obamacare which is already unaffordable. Allegedly they will not be eligible for welfare, but if they are already receiving it, will we suddenly take it away from them?

The illegal workers can apply for work permits.

We once had a law that allowed people to come here from other countries and work but then they had to go home. The unions protested and the law was repealed. The new immigration bill will prove worse for unions. Construction jobs could easily go to illegals. In our PC environment, they likely will.

Under the bill, the path to citizenship can be cut in half for ski instructors, migrant workers and myriad others. Fee waivers are very possible under this bill. The bill won’t be in existence long before Chuck Schumer demands people here illegally be given citizenship and welfare.

The bill does all that without securing the borders first which is where the real problem lies. Both President Obama and Secretary Napolitano are on the record as saying the borders are secure.

They will not secure the borders if they think they are secure.

We only have to look to Brazil to know the illegal immigration will not stop, especially by the criminal element. Check that out here.

Then there is our new socialized healthcare system – Obamacare – which will destroy the finest healthcare system in the world. We won’t keep our doctors and we won’t have control over our own healthcare. There will be no one to complain to when we disagree with their decisions unless you think IRS agents are a good humanitarian group to reach out to.

There will be no judicial review and there are no threats you can make that they will care about unlike insurance companies who worry about their image.

The administration has been pouring tax dollars into advertising the alleged benefits of Obamacare. If it were so great, it would sell itself.

Kathleen Sebelius has been calling private businesses and bullying them into advertising Obamacare.

Today, Tuesday, it came out that she is asking Physician Assistants to sign up uninsured Americans for Obamacare. She is hoping that she can get voluminous numbers of uninsured signed up to help pay for the unaffordable bill.

Unions are beginning to see the devastating effect Obamacare will have on their workers. They are rebelling against it. The roofer’s union called for a complete repeal.

The trillion dollar a year deficit spending continues unabated except for the sequester cuts of which much was made. Sequester was supposed to be a disaster.

Sequester is the big lie that didn’t work. Sequester was a meaningless 2+% cut. The cuts were applied unevenly so they would hurt. The goal was to make Americans believe they can never cut any government spending.

Check out the chart to see that we are still spending much more than we did last year.


They’re all lies but at least two of them seem to be playing well with the American public thanks the administration’s great PR organization – the media.

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