Three Democratic Leaders Will Not Condemn the Women’s March Support of a Terrorist-Murderer


The Women’s March organizers gave a shoutout this week to cop killer Joanne Chesimard aka Assata Shakur, wishing her a Happy Birthday on Twitter. When they were criticized for it, they launched into a tirade against the right and a defense of the murderer and domestic terrorist.

Since people might wonder how three of their most ardent supporters feel now.

The Daily Caller decided to ask three Democratic Senators, Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein if they still supported them after their statements. These women were very vocal in their admiration for the Women’s March. The Daily Caller reported:

All three senators have remained silent on Women’s March’s support for a domestic terrorist. The DC reached out to all three senators’ offices to ask if they would disavow or condemn the organization’s support for Shakur. Despite being given more than 24 hours to do so, all three declined to condemn or disavow Women’s March.

Their support was unwavering and still is

Dianne Feinstein had urged people to come out for the Jan. 21 marches in California. She referred to it after the march, during the attorney general nomination, having been inspired by the march.

Feinstein said she had never seen such “a massive outpouring of hope and optimism” as what she witnessed in the Women’s March on Washington.

Kamala Harris, a potential presidential nomination in 2020, spoke at the March in D.C. on Jan. 21 saying, “There is nothing more powerful than a group of determined sisters marching standing up for what is right.”

Gillibrand has been very enthusiastic about the Women’s March. “The Women’s March was truly the most inspiring moment of my entire life,” she said. She even wrote about the terrorists organizing the march.

If Donald Trump and the Republicans fail in Congress, what we will have left are people like this running our country.

h/t YoungCons

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