Three Most Idiotic Comments by Celebrities Before the Week’s Even Over


Celebrities aren’t always celebrities because they are intelligent or even nice. They’re just well-known. Here are three of this week’s most idiotic. We didn’t even have to wait for Friday to get to three.

First up, Chelsea Clinton, famous for doing nothing

Chelsea Clinton found the one thing we all needed to know about the Republican healthcare bill and that is, the word “woman” was only mentioned three times. She didn’t say if the word “man” was used.

This is what all of us needed to know about the healthcare bill.

Leslie Jones who sees racism in her toes when she wakes in the morning

Comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones took to Twitter on Monday night to bash the racist Ritz-Carlton hotels who don’t like black people.

She was hosting the BET awards Sunday in LA and stayed at the hotel. She never offered any proof, even after the Ritz contacted her on Twitter, which they did immediately.

Our all-time favorite, a would-be murderer

Last, but definitely not least is leftist actor John Cusack. He seems to be threatening to kill President Trump. At least we know that the left has toned down their rhetoric since the shooting of Republicans in Alexandria.


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